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  1. Havasu Boat Show - Coolest Boat Contest!


    PARTICIPANT INFORMATION Part of the 26th Annual Lake Havasu Boat ShowLake Havasu State Park, Windsor 3 & 4 - April 7-9, 2017 Thank you for registering to participate in the 2017 "Havasu's Coolest Boat Contest.". The event will be held at Windsor Lot 3, on the asphalt, special event area of Lake Havasu State Park. This is a three-day event,...
  2. SXSPerformance.com UTV Meetup at the In N Out last week!

    Quick recap of the meet up at the In N Out last week! I was surprised at the turnout they got for such little notice! About 30 cars showed up, and it was a great time hanging out with everyone and checking out the rides!
  3. 117 with Scott Kornowski in his 18' Bahner!!


    Still figuring out the editing software for the Garmin, but this is a front view of 117 mph at the Billy B River Rockets event!

  4. Hooked up with Schiada Boats! - Shop Tour

    Now compared to our usual shop tours where we actually try to give a tour of the shop, this article is more focused on what's actually going on down there. I'm only allowed to upload 25 pics onto the front page, and I'd like to focus them on the over the top bad ass builds going on instead of "The Bathroom is on the right."

    As we walked into one of the bay doors of the building we...
  5. TODAYS SPECIAL! A Mind blowing display of DCB's Skills

    This is a great example to show how far the best in the Industry has come in just under a decade. Kenny Gonzales purchased this boat from Maxed Out Marine with the intentions of taking what is arguably a very nice boat and updating it to the best that 2017 has to offer! DCB has recently purchased new sewing machines, and Tony was quick to point out that they are the only ones in...
  6. Wag the Dog - What's the Fastest 400 Boat? DCB Might have the Answer

    Approximately two weeks ago we published an article about "Bullhead Bully" (Paul Wallner) in his 28 SS running 126 MPH in his 28 Nordic SS with Twin 400's. At the end of that article I wrote that it, to our knowledge, was the fastest stock 400 boat out there.

    View attachment 599868

    DCB is not one to be outdone, and in a direct response to that article (and threads in our forums)...
  7. Cobra Power Boats - SHOP TOUR

    I recently took a trip down back to Southern California to visit several industry related shops, and boat builders. One of the stops made a lasting impression on me, and that was Cobra Boats! It has been years since I have taken a hard look at what Cobra is doing (pre-recession LA Boatshow was probably the last time), if we offered a "Most Improved Manufacturer" award at RDP, they would...
  8. Concept Marine Shop Tour

    Just a quick article on the shop tour we took down at Concept Speed and Marine mid last week!

    This is what the shop looked like when we pulled up.

    View attachment 599825 View attachment 599826 View attachment 599824

    The place was absolutely littered with Schiada's and bad ass boats. As we stepped inside there was a pretty good back drop for a video. A really nice...
  9. Nordic 28SS Runs 126 MPH with twin 400R's! The Bullhead Bully is on top!

    The Bullhead Bully is on top of the world right now with his latest evening runs yesterday topping out at 126MPH!!

    If you are wondering if it ends here, the general consensus is there's even more to go! The boat was dropped off at Nordic this morning where they are going to make a small modification to the bottom of the boat to allow him to keep water pressure and raise the jack plates a...
  10. Mike Livorsi's Personal Boat - FOR SALE! 2006 Lanier Fast Cat!

    View attachment 599818

    IF YOU DON'T WANT ATTENTION, this boat is not for you. Designed and built by Errol Lanier a legendary Racer. The best riding boat under 25 feet by far and I have owned over 10 cats in my lifetime.

    View attachment 599816

    Powered by a stock 2006 Mercury 250XS 400hr.

    * Magic tilt tandem aluminum trailer...
  11. First Annual Pirates Cove Poker Run Video!!

    We had a great time at the first annual Pirates Cove Poker Run!! RDP was the first card stop, and we definitely plan on being involved next year!


    KMC Wheels is excited to announce that Kyle LeDuc has been added to its team of ambassadors for 2017 and will run the short course Lucas Oil Off Road Series this season. A multi-time off road racing champion, Leduc is a fierce competitor and always considered a threat to win.

    View attachment 599813

    "As a race truck designer, fabricator and driver, I'm very excited to join forces with...

    KMC Wheels is proud to announce that defending Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) Pro Lite Champ Jerett Brooks will be joined with Brandon Arthur and Ryan Beat to run KMC Wheels during the 2017 season. Steeped in the Midwest tradition of short course off road racing infused with a west coast influence, LOORRS brings intense, four wheel door-to-door action to challenging, fan-friendly...
  14. Laveycraft Offering a special deal on 24 Nu Era's in the first Quarter!

    View attachment 599811

    Laveycraft is an upper tier builder. To get a 24 built that nice, and rigged that nice for 77K is a crazy deal. Give Chris a call for more details 951-273-9690
  15. New Listing in the Havasu Foothills!


    Call Stacy Johnson at 928-706-4200 or Paul Bruce at 928-846-9611 to schedule an appointment to see this gorgeous home in the exclusive Havasu Foothill Estates.

    This home was a model home for the Foothills and has too many features to list! Click this link for more information...