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  1. There can only be one "Highlander" - Featured House 195,000

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    This home belongs to a great friend of ours. It is a perfect entry level property, that has been upgraded considerably to make it a first class weekend get away without breaking the bank. It is on the South Side, on Highlander with the access to the desert right at the end of the street!

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    The house was remodeled in 2014, no...
  2. Shawn Moe's SAVAGE F-29 DCB

    Words : RiverDave
    Photos : TommygunImages

    (Left to Right: Mark, Jessie, Lindee, Shawn)

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    In my line of work there are some articles you "have to" write, there are the articles you "need to" write, and then there are articles you "want to" write. The ones you want to write are as much for myself as they are for the subject matter. They are quite simply "for...
  3. 6th Annual Billy B River Rocket Show Part 2!! Three Featured Boats You can't miss!

    Words and Photos : Jason Miller (Constant840)

    With so many understated and over the top boats at the 6 th Annual Bill B River Rockets Boat Show it was difficult to pick only a few that really stood out to me. However, almost immediately there were two that caught my eye.

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    The first was a beautiful shovel nose hydro I watched idle in. The second a Cole TR2...
  4. DCB Brings The Heat With Big Numbers And New Builds For Their Annual Regatta

    Each year there are events on my calendar that are classified as "Must Attend". They are the events that define my year and my business. These include such events as Desert Storm, the Mint 400, and the Parker Enduro among others. One event that has proven worthy of the list is the annual DCB Regatta here in Lake Havasu. While regattas are a mainstay of my yearly workload, they are...
  5. SCOPE 2016 Long Beach Poker Run!

    Words by : Kyle Steiner
    Photos Provided : S.C.O.P.E.

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    The west coast's premier offshore powerboat club, SCOPE, along with its title sponsors, Nordic Boats and IMCO Marine, decided to mark the twentieth anniversary of their organization by bringing their annual poker run back to Long Beach. SCOPE has hosted their Poker Run in San Diego for the past two years....
  6. Howard Boats Continues Tradition With It's 2016 Regatta

    Over the years the boating community has seen many a regatta from many a manufacturer. Some of those regattas have fallen victim to an ever changing market and gone the way of the Dodo while some have stayed the course and become tradition for both the manufacturers and the loyal owners of that brand of marine hardware. The Howard Boats regatta falls into the latter category of building a...
  7. 2016 6th Annual Billy B River Rockets Show at Pirates Cove by Jason Miller

    It's been said "Early to bed, early to rise. Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise". If that holds any truth then on September 17, 2016, Pirate Cove Resort was flooded by genius level boat Owners and Drivers. I began my morning at 7am. Pulling in to Jack Smith Memorial Park in Needles, CA. I was thinking I might catch the beginning of the precession down to Pirate Cove. Maybe some early hot...
  8. BayFair 2016 Some History, and RDP Staffer Erick's Experience

    Photos and Words by Erick Bryner - Firedrill Productions

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    Its Monday afternoon, and the 2016 San Diego Bayfair has come to an end. If you?ve never been to Bayfair, I regret to tell you that you've been missing a really good time. If you HAVE been, then you know how much fun it is - three full days of boat racing, barbecue, beer gardens...
  9. KMC / RockStar Wheels released a full line of UTV Wheels!


    Buena Park, Calif. (September 12, 2016) KMC Wheels today announces its official entry into the powersports market with a full dropdown line of UTV wheels from its existing consumer-favorite XD and Rockstar wheels. KMC Wheels' customers can now customize their truck and UTV with matching, unparalleled styling and...
  10. Two Boostpower River Monsters You Will Never See Coming

    One of the things that I love about the Schiada Regatta is that it brings out all kinds of like minded people, and with that it brings out not only Bad Ass over the top Schiada's, but also other River Monsters that will usually lurk in the depths.

    This weekend while at the Schiada regatta I caught up with Aaron and his over the top 22 Schiada with a 1300 HP Boostpower motor in it, but...
  11. $250! Positive Trim Instagram Contest!

    I know a lot of you guys follow RDP not only on the main website, but on Facebook and Instagram as well! Beermaker who started Positive Trim just started an Instagram contest for Positive Trim that I think you guys are going to like!

    To Enter
    1. Follow Positive Trim on Instagram
    2. Upload a selfie (or photo of...
  12. 2016 Lower River Run - AKA "The Sausage Run"

    Photos and Words by : Gary Schueller and the Lower River Junkies

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    There are two sides of boating: physically experiencing it and then there is the dreaming and planning for it. The latter of the two seems to take more of our time as we count the hours until we are free from all responsibilities and enjoying time on the water. The Eliminator Boats Owner Group...
  13. 2016 Damn Dam Run

    Photo's, Words, Video by Justin Ude (aka Beermaker)

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    As a self proclaimed Havasu boater, I rarely stray from my "happy place" on the Arizona/California boarder. But for the second time in as many years we made the trek north to Lake Mohave for the annual Damn Dam Run. I must admit the drive north to Hoover Dam is some of the most scenic boating I have ever...
  14. 2016 CdA Performance Boat Regatta - This is how we do it in Idaho!

    Photos and Words by : Mike Shill aka "Clown Royal"

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    Last weekend was the 13 th Annual Regatta in Harrison Idaho on Lake Coeur d?Alene. The weather was in the mid-90s and at 5PM Saturday we counted approximately 220 boats and who knows how many people partaking in the festivities all for charity. This is the biggest boating event/party/fund raiser of the Summer on...
  15. 2016 Skaterfest Coverage by JayBoat!

    Photos and Words by : Jayboat

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    Regardless of size, poker runs are the lifeblood of the performance boating world. They bring owners and fans together to run with each other, socialize and check out hardware; as well as offer builders, dealers and vendors a chance to showcase product to their core market. Whether it's a huge event...