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Eliminator Boats at the Los Angeles Boatshow! in Manufacturer

Interview with Tony from DCB! LA Boat Show 2018! in Manufacturer

Quick Interview with Joe Malich from RPM Boats! LA Boatshow 2018 in Manufacturer

Nordic Boats 24 SX Outboard at the LA Boatshow 2018! in Manufacturer

Interceptor Boats Interview LA Boatshow 2018! in Manufacturer

  1. Lickity Split Racing's Trailer Upgrade by Adrenaline Trailers

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    Lickity Split in my opinion is one of the most recognizable and well known boats west of the Mississippi. According to Tony from DCB when they were contracted to build the boat "It was a check every box type of build that left no stone unturned when it came to options." The boat is a Carbon Kevlar layup...
  2. SXSPerformance.com is opening a Location in Lake Havasu!

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    As I'm sure some of you already know SXSPerformance.com is a retail shop that specializes in off road accessories. While their primary focus is aftermarket parts for the UTV Market, most of the products can be used in any off road (or in some cases on road) applications. They carry over 80 brands (in stock) like Axia Alloys, Baja Designs, Walker...
  3. Schiadas in the Channel - Wednesday before ThanksGiving

    Sometimes you spend months putting a gathering together. For us it's usually graphics, and t shirts, and promotion, endless hours of effort, and cubic dollars in some cases. Then other times something will come together fluidly on its own. There's no reason or purpose behind it other than good times. Those are generally my favorite style gatherings...
  4. No Way - Possibly the World's fastest Campbell! We'll Never know

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    As I was researching another "fast" Campbell, I was told that I needed to go see a guy in Havasu who might have information on an even faster Campbell. Since I was going to be in town anyway, what could it hurt to see if this "rumor" was true or just another beach story?? My inside source said the guy I needed to talk to was, Frank Weaver Jr. owner...
  5. KMG Boats Bringing the 83 back from the dead

    This particular 20'er has definitely seen better days when it arrived at KMG Boats down in San Diego for it's restoration. The owner asked Kevin to fill previous rigging holes, and basically prep it to be an entirely new build. The only problem was the boat had literally 100's of stress cracks and sun cracks, many of which almost went through the glass completely. ...
  6. 2016 Campbell Regatta - Rock out with your Prop out

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    Regattas have been going on for a very long time. Some date back before the 1800's when row boat races were held to see who had the fastest team of rowers. Clearly the early regattas were held as racing events. Sometime around the beginning of the 20th century the powerboat people got into the game and several powerboat regatta's were held and sanctioned by the...
  7. Crazy Fun at the 2016 Monster Bash!

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    Typically I write articles about the events as an observer, or a vendor. I've been to quite a few Monster Bash's, and Desert Storm's over the years, but to speak candidly I almost never participate in them. This year would mark the first year I have ever sponsored Monster Bash (we usually just do Desert Storm), and instead of just doing our usual booth and...
  8. New Video is up from Aerial Peek... DCB M35XL


    Check out Aerial Peeks Latest Video of a DCB M35!
  9. 5th Annual Sand, Water, and RV Expo coming to LHC NOV 19-20

    Motorsports Enthusiasts to See It All! November 19-20, 2016

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    Lake Havasu has deservedly earned a reputation as a mecca for outdoor motorsports enthusiasts. Because of the weather and the immediate proximity to both water and desert, locals rotate between boats, off-roading and RVing with the change of each season....
  10. Featured Ad - 2012 Howard Sport Deck - Merc 600

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    This featured ad comes from Howard Custom Boats. It is a 2012 28 Sport Deck with a Merc 600SCI! The boat should run right at 90 mph with a 4 blade on it. It was built with every option that Howard offers, and features a great looking gel scheme with desirable colors. The boat is perfect and Gene himself rates it as a 10 out of 10....
  11. Positive Trim does the Howard Regatta with RDP

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    One of my favorite events of the year is the late summer Howard Regatta. The event offers major drool factor with some of the nicest hardware on the lake. The people are so down to earth and friendly, this event encompasses all that makes the lake such an enjoyable place to spend time. This year marks the third year that I participated in the regatta...
  12. There can only be one Highlander - Featured House 195,000

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    This home belongs to a great friend of ours. It is a perfect entry level property, that has been upgraded considerably to make it a first class weekend get away without breaking the bank. It is on the South Side, on Highlander with the access to the desert right at the end of the street!

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    The house was remodeled in 2014, no...
  13. Shawn Moe's SAVAGE F-29 DCB

    Words : RiverDave
    Photos : TommygunImages

    (Left to Right: Mark, Jessie, Lindee, Shawn)

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    In my line of work there are some articles you "have to" write, there are the articles you "need to" write, and then there are articles you "want to" write. The ones you want to write are as much for myself as they are for the subject matter. They are quite simply "for...
  14. 6th Annual Billy B River Rocket Show Part 2!! Three Featured Boats You can't miss!

    Words and Photos : Jason Miller (Constant840)

    With so many understated and over the top boats at the 6 th Annual Bill B River Rockets Boat Show it was difficult to pick only a few that really stood out to me. However, almost immediately there were two that caught my eye.

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    The first was a beautiful shovel nose hydro I watched idle in. The second a Cole TR2...
  15. DCB Brings The Heat With Big Numbers And New Builds For Their Annual Regatta

    Each year there are events on my calendar that are classified as "Must Attend". They are the events that define my year and my business. These include such events as Desert Storm, the Mint 400, and the Parker Enduro among others. One event that has proven worthy of the list is the annual DCB Regatta here in Lake Havasu. While regattas are a mainstay of my yearly workload, they are...