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  1. DCB's M-29 - Specs Price and Video!

    New video created by Aerial Peek for DCB directly of one of their newer models the M-29! This particular boat actually belongs to RDP Member Sigus!
  2. Quick Interview with Randy Scism of MTI about their new 34 with 400's!

    Great to see MTI exhibiting at Desert Storm this year! This is a quick interview with Randy Scism regarding their latest model the 34' with twin Merc Racing 400's!
  3. Interview with RPM Boats!

    Interview with Joe about the rebirth of RPM Boats! Great interview that covers everything from the new layups, to a legend in the industry building one, right down to the latest RDP Apparel!
  4. Adrenaline's Latest Trailer for the Triple 400 M-29!

    Typically writing an article on trailers is one of the more difficult things I have to do. Trailers for the most part are fairly common place, and while they have their variations in upgrades they are all for the most part the same. Adrenaline has been making it easy on me for the last two by taking something that's fairly common place and making it stand head and shoulders above the rest. In short, anybody can build a stair case for a trailer, but not many are making art out...
  5. Learning how to Tune your AEM Infiniti EFI with Boostpower!

    When you decide to upgrade your EFI, or switch from Carbs, the choice is clear. AEM Infiniti is an extremely capable, compact, and cost effective ECU! Follow along with Alexi in this video from setting it up to making an initial tune!

  6. Quick Interview with Bob Leach from Eliminator Boats

    A few moments with Bob Leach at the Eliminator Open house this last weekend.
  7. Time Lapse of DCB's latest M41 being put together

    Watch the lastest M41 come to life through a time lapse at DCB!
  8. Quick Ride in a Nordic 24 SX with an Ilmore 570

    This is my first experience with a 24 SX Nordic, as well as my first experience with the LS Based Ilmor 570! (Click link for more information) I will get more into my thoughts on both in the second part that will be released in the next couple of days, but to say I was EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with both is an understatement. What a bitchen little Hot Rod!

    I'd like to take a second to thank...
  9. Howard Sport Deck Merc 600 90 mph Video

    Take a ride in the Howard Sport Deck with a Merc 600!
  10. Anchor Beach Boating Drive Anchor

    New product release at the Los Angeles Boat Show