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  1. Episode 2.5 AT THE RIVER! Northern Sandbar - BullheadBully Teaser!

    Making friends at the Sandbar, checking out a Flatbottom, and an intro to Bullhead Bully!

  2. At the River Episode 1 - "The Nickel Tour of Parker Part 1"

    Kind of a light hearted, yet informative show that we are starting to produce once a week for RDP. The first part of the series is going to be a "nickel" tour of Parker with just a kind of brief overview from Dam to Dam. We aren't hitting every single spot along the strip, but we are covering things like Badenochs, the main bars on the strip, and a little information or history along the way.

    Remember guys this is for entertainment only, and is just some...
  3. Fourth of July with Positive Trim!

    Another great Fourth of July in the books with our friends at Positive Trim Clothing!
  4. Featured Classified - 2014 E-Ticket / 710 Ilmor's @ Horizon 120 MPH!

    2014 E-Ticket / 710 Ilmor's @ Horizon Motorspots / 90 Hrs - 120 MPH!!

    Price Reduced - 195,000.00

    E-Tickets are quite simply the fastest twin engine Deck Boats on the market. They are known for their incredible rough water abilities at speed, as well as their turning abilities at moderate speeds. It's the perfect dual sport boat for the family as it comes on plane quickly and at a slow planing speed for pulling kids on tubes (no prop blow out), and...
  5. Two Minutes in the Murder Vector

    Quick Video from the 2017 Naci Bash!
  6. DCB's M-29 - Specs Price and Video!

    New video created by Aerial Peek for DCB directly of one of their newer models the M-29! This particular boat actually belongs to RDP Member Sigus!
  7. Quick Interview with Randy Scism of MTI about their new 34 with 400's!

    Great to see MTI exhibiting at Desert Storm this year! This is a quick interview with Randy Scism regarding their latest model the 34' with twin Merc Racing 400's!
  8. Interview with RPM Boats!

    Interview with Joe about the rebirth of RPM Boats! Great interview that covers everything from the new layups, to a legend in the industry building one, right down to the latest RDP Apparel!
  9. Tour of BoostPower's Booth at the DS2017 Street Fair!

    Sorry about the Audio during some of the tour guys. We brought a directional Mic to the street fair, and the RDP booth was cranking pretty loud in the background. (I will have this better dialed in, in the future)