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      by Published on 02-21-2017 01:37 PM
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      Just a quick article on the shop tour we took down at Concept Speed and Marine mid last week!

      This is what the shop looked like when we pulled up.

      The place was absolutely littered with Schiada's and bad ass boats. As we stepped inside there was a pretty good back drop for a video. A really nice V-drive Vector and a freshly ...
      by Published on 05-31-16 02:46 PM
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      This Memorial Day weekend the Johnson klan made plans with some friends of ours "Kenny and Lindsay" to check out a section of the river I have always been curious about, "The Lower River." Kenny and Lindsay have a place in a quiet section of the river known as Cibola or better as "The Cibola Refuge." Their place is about a mile and a half from the infamous "Hippie Hole."

      I wasn't sure if we should bring our boat or not as I have heard all kinds of things about the depth of the Lower River. I decided at the 11th ...
      by Published on 08-17-15 11:58 PM
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      The Dam Run is one of those events that has been going on for over a decade. It has been going on before RDP, and will likely be going on after RDP. It's a "good time" event with little to no organization, but to put it as someone did in the thread "It's amazingly organized for something that isn't organized." I am proud to say for the time being at least though that this years event was primarily organized entirely on RDP, and made up of it's members and members friends.

      I first went to the Dam run 2 years ago and we took TBulgers 22 Schiada Whaler at the time. Last year I hitched a ride with Satellite Mike in his 240, and I had every intention of heading up this year either in my boat or hitching a ride in a big cruiser. To sum up the run and the scenery as I wrote in an article a few years back Campbell Carl said "I'll let my lake speak for itself." He was absolutely correct in that statement and there's no wonder why it's a national park. The lake is as amazing as it is huge for a river boater like myself. Everywhere you look the Scenery is in the 10's and it is ever changing from sandy dunes, to lava rock, to iron ore mountains.
      This year I was unable to attend because one of my oldest friends in the world (I've known the guy since I was 2-3 years old) was getting married and I was in the wedding. While I wouldn't have missed his wedding for the world, I will say I found myself ...
      by Published on 07-10-15 03:57 PM
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      I happened to drop by Advantage earlier this week so I figured I would take some pics of some pretty cool builds they have going on over there. First up they finally popped the giant 34 Deck Boat out of the mold and it's in Rigging! These boats are so massive it's hard to get the whole boat in a shot inside the building.

      by Published on 02-17-15 12:17 PM
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      written by Zach Bale

      I was bit by the performance boating bug early on. Through Powerboat Magazine I studied the boat tests, offshore race reports and poker run articles for hours. In addition to the typical areas like Key West and Miami, there was a lake often documented in the magazine located in the Midwest that didn?t seem as picturesque yet somehow garnered just as much attention, Lake of the Ozarks. I often wondered what the attraction was to that inland lake 3 hours away from the nearest major city that barely ranks on the list of largest US lakes.

      Fast forward a couple decades and last week I visited Lake of the Ozarks for a dealer training event. A few weeks prior, I had reached out to Brett Manire, the owner of Performance ...
      by Published on 11-25-13 12:45 PM
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      It's just passed 4am on November 16th in Baja California. Our team, bedded down around a small crackling campfire, recharges ...
      by Published on 10-01-13 01:36 PM
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      As a frequent visitor to the lakes and waterways along the Colorado River it's nearly impossible to go to the water without ...

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