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      by Published on 08-15-2017 04:10 PM
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      I have been slacking off for awhile and falling behind on some of our content on RDP lately. I have had a lot going on with the development of the new site, kids going back to school and a host of other things going on in life. For the last month though every night when I go to bed, and every morning when I get up, I can't help but think about this boat that I filmed a little while back. So I give to you this weeks feature boat.

      I have always been curious about the 26 RPM, there's not many of them around, and the ones that are around are in extremely high demand. That in and of itself is the proof in the pudding as they say. Generally if a company only makes a few, they are generally "unknown" or they go the other way where they become the "legends." These are extremely rare boats, and when they come up for sale, they command all the money and they are generally ...
      by Published on 05-01-17 02:54 PM
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      The phone has been ringing off the hook over at Nordic Boats. All the major media players wanted first crack at this 43' Enforcer with the 1350's. It's an extremely rare boat, It's got great power in it, and to put it to you straight it's drop dead sexy. It's not just the media that was curious about this build, ever since the Lugo trailer was parked where it was visible to the public it has been the talk of the town. About twice a week I'd go to lunch with friends and invariably they would say "Dave what's the story on the Lugo over at Nordic?"

      When we arrived at Windsor the first thing that I noticed is how user friendly ...
      by Published on 10-03-16 06:31 PM
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      Words and Photos : Jason Miller (Constant840)

      With so many understated and over the top boats at the 6 th Annual Bill B River Rockets Boat Show it was difficult to pick only a few that really stood out to me. However, almost immediately there were two that caught my eye.

      The first was a beautiful shovel nose hydro I watched idle in. The second a Cole TR2 sporting a familiar name near the cockpit.

      First stop was for some shovel nose goodness. This hydro is a 1977 Mr. Ed shovelnose, designed by legendary ...
      by Published on 03-23-16 08:24 PM
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      Images by : Tommygun Photographics -
      Words by : RiverDave

      I have a friend named Cliff (American Offshore Powerboats) that off and on over the course of a year has told me about his friends "Crazy Skater" that I need to go check out. After a few photos texted, and a conversation with Al Burns the owner I decided to do just that.

      Tom and I jumped in the "Photo wagon" at 4:30 am to leave out of Havasu and head towards Phoenix, not really sure what to expect when we arrived. We got there around 8:00 am to see a 28'ish foot Sleek craft parked at the end of the driveway, what we presumed (correctly) would end up being a chase boat for photos. As we pulled in I got my first glimpse of the monster that is "Out of Control."

      To start from the ground up, it's on a custom low boy tilt trailer made by Skater. It has a large enclosed box up on the gooseneck that when you open it up has lighting, overhead cabinets, a stainless workbench with an integrated tool ...
      by Published on 07-27-15 05:21 PM
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      I gotta admit sometimes owning RDP has its privileges and this last Sunday was no exception being that we got to demo the American Offshore 28' Deck Boat! I have to say we were very impressed! Factoring in the price point and I'm sure it will leave a few of the members scratching their heads as to why one isn't parked in their garage already!

      Now this is a typical "RDP" style article, meaning that if we are going to demo a boat then ...
      by Published on 01-13-15 02:25 AM
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      So as you guys saw in the first video, Dean Acton and I took out the Nordic 24 SX over Thanksgiving weekend. This is the video and my impressions of the boat after driving it for a little over 10 minutes. To clarify that, this wasn't a boat test where I was mashing the throttle to measure acceleration #'s or anything like that, just a casual ride up the river and back to check out the boat. ...
      by Published on 09-26-14 12:04 PM
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      It's no secret that the new luxury Pontoon's have taken a major chunk out of the performance boat Market. We have watched quite a few board members switch from High Performance Cats and Vee's make the switch just for sheer functionality purposes. They are great to party on, family friendly, and you can run them up on any beach that you feel like without being ...

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