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      Published on 01-23-2015 02:18 AM
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      Written By Bob Brown
      Dry Land Evaluation : Chris Hamlin of Prestige Marine, Aaron Fluent of Absolute Speed and Marine
      Photos by : Dusty Wooddell (Primary) / Andrew Ruzek (Secondary) / Bob Brown (Back Up)

      Fifty years ago Howard Custom Boats was all about setting drag boat speed records. Company founder/owner Howard Brown drove his 18' flatbottom SK hull, "How 'Bout That", through NDBA's quarter mile timing traps at an unheard of 137.82 miles an hour. A performance dynasty was officially in the making.

      Today, a half century later, Howard is still on that dynasty track, just not in the world of drag boats. Some years ago, Howard Brown sold his boat building business to Gene Willen, a Howard customer with a penchant for getting things exactly right. And since then, with the expert contribution of his talented son Mike, the Willens have evolved Howard Boats into a finely honed custom boat manufacturing operation resulting in some of the most exceptional family high performance sportboat models the present-day marketplace has to offer.

      In providing one of Howard's ...

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