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      by Published on 02-09-2015 04:47 PM
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      Written By Bob Brown
      Dry Land Evaluation : Chris Hamlin of Prestige Marine, Aaron Fluent of Absolute Speed and Marine
      Photos by : Dusty Wooddell (Primary) / Andrew Ruzek (Secondary) / Bob Brown (Back Up)

      Who doesn't remember that unmistakable new car feel and smell when you first drive it off the dealers lot and you're cruising down the highway with a big smile on your face? Well, get ready to smile again if you're fortunate enough to be the owner of a new Nordic 26 Deckboat.

      Over the past seven years the economy hasn't been kind to the performance boat building industry and in many instances it put a major crimp in the development of new models. But to Nordic's credit and perseverance, they've been steadfast in their pursuit of tooling up new models which is now paying off with big dividends. The 26 deckboat is just one of many prime examples of their skillful handiwork which has gained them significant advantage in the marketplace.

      Lets face it, the 26 Deckboat not only looks cool and very sexy, but it delivers the performance to back it up (more on that later). The styling is hip, fresh, original and modern, and best of ...

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