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    • Hallett's in Havasu 2017! What a Great Time with some AWESOME BOATS!

      For the second year in a row Hallett's in Havasu did not disappoint! This year boasted 60 boats at the Springs Saturday morning for breakfast, with over 200 people in attendance! (Click Video Links Below)

      2017 Halletts in Havasu from River Dave's Place on Vimeo.

      The event is the brainchild of Michael Grimes (aka Hammer on the RDP Forums) and his wife Brie Grimes, when they decided they wanted to get together with some other Hallett owners. Mike is no stranger to the brand having grown up being around them his whole life. His father owns a blown 240 closed bow, and most of their circle of friends own or have owned Hallett's over the years. Mike & Brie currently own two Hallett's in the form of a Vector with a blower motor (Hotrod, currently in pieces), and of course the family friendly Closed bow 240 with mild power.

      (Mike Grimes pictured center left)

      After the first Hallett's in Havasu in 2016, the event has shot to the top of the list as the "Go To" event for all Hallett owners. I think Mike was a little surprised at the overwhelming turn out from something that started last year with what can only be described as humble beginnings. With over 200 people the event filled every table that was set out in the Harbor Room of the Havasu Springs resort.

      Overall the event was kept very simple, and fun. It was more focused on the owners, their boats and most importantly having a chance to socialize, interract, and check out each others rides. Mike gave a short speech that basically entailed a thank you to the sponsors the new stern light company that has created an offroad style "whip" for your boats, and of course RDP for bringing out Tommygun and Carter for the media coverage. He was also quick to thank his wife Brie, whom handled the organization of everything, right down to the grab bags for those that attended. There was several times that the crowd literally exploded with applause for putting the event on, which is a testament to how loyal these owners are to the brand, and how excited they were to go to anything Hallett related.

      The Infamous "Murder Vector"

      "Murder Vector" seen here looking for its Prey

      I asked Mike this morning on the phone how he felt the event went, and he was extremely happy with how it turned out as a whole. He is already looking forward to next year, and has several changes that he is going to try to institute between now and then.

      In his words "I would really like to get Hallett Involved with the event next year. This year with the passing of Nick, I wanted to give the family their privacy and their time, I will be reaching out to Jerry this week."

      He also said that he would like to redo the website to make it a little easier to use, and have more media on it. With the overwhelming turnout they ran out of shirts, and didn't have any for sale at the Banquet Room which he plans to rectify for next year as well.

      The event this weekend basically just consisted of a set time for Breakfast at the Springs. Mike was pretty careful not to plan any on the water activities, due to liability and permit reasons. Several of the owners got together and planned a "fun run" up to Topock on Friday Afternoon. We didn't take an official boat count, but when we ran up there I would guess it at around 30.

      On Saturday after the breakfast a lot of people went their own ways, but the majority of the group (as you can see in the video) ended up over at three dunes and hanging out together all day.

      (Beautiful 240 open bow out having fun on the lake during HIH2017)

      (Heading towards Topock on Friday coming up on a beautiful 270)

      (Following a line of Hallett's through the No Wake Zone in the Gorge)

      (Unique and Rare Blower Motor Vector with a reverse driven blower setup)

      A heartfelt congratulations to Mike and Brie for pulling it off for the second year in a row. The T-shirt design came out awesome, and everybody that we spoke too had the time of their lives. We are already looking for to 2018!

      To see what people are saying about Halletts in Havasu 2017 check out the thread HERE

      For last years coverage on Halletts in Havasu click on the following video

      RDP Hallett and Ultra Regatta from River Dave's Place on Vimeo.

      Video : Havasu Media Productions
      Photos : Tommygun Images
      Words : RiverDave
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