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      by Published on 02-25-2015 04:37 PM
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      RDP is opening up a new program to dealers where they can pick a boat and for a 100 bucks, we will put it out there in front of everyone. You do not have to be a regular advertiser on RDP to participate in this program! We can either come out and take the pics for you, or you can e-mail them to us. Just contact me for more information 949-678-8369

      Our First Featured Boat comes from Offshore Custom Marine!

      It is a 300 Eagle Eliminator! ...
      by Published on 02-23-15 04:29 PM
      Article Preview

      There are major signs of life for the Southern California powerboat market.

      Although 2014 was a pretty positive ...
      by Published on 02-18-15 02:20 PM
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      Written By Bob Brown
      Dry Land Evaluation : Chris Hamlin of Prestige Marine, Aaron Fluent of Absolute Speed and Marine
      Photos by : Dusty Wooddell (Primary) / Andrew Ruzek (Secondary) / Bob Brown (Back Up)

      When Eliminator Boats founder and owner Bob Leach comments "we're building the best boats today in our 45 year history," that says a lot. Looking back at the past five decades of the high performance custom boat industry, Eliminator legitimately has the credentials to make the case that no one has had greater impact or developed more lasting innovation on this marketplace. Front and center is Eliminator's incredibly successful and sustainable Daytona line, an air-entrapment hull configuration that Ron Ehde tooled up and continues to have a profound effect across three propulsion platforms; outboards, jets and stern drives since the mid-1970s.

      Initially beginning with a 19-footer, the Daytona Mod-VP style center pod bottom has now evolved into the basic running surface of Eliminator's 28 Fun Deck, a roomy, stable and impressive performing deckboat that's one of the cornerstones of Eliminator's extensive model ...
      by Published on 02-17-15 01:17 PM
      Article Preview

      written by Zach Bale

      I was bit by the performance boating bug early on. Through Powerboat Magazine I studied the boat tests, offshore race reports and poker run articles for hours. In addition to the typical areas like Key West and Miami, there was a lake often documented in the magazine located in the Midwest that didn?t seem as picturesque yet somehow garnered just as much attention, Lake of the Ozarks. I often wondered what the attraction was to that inland lake 3 hours away from the nearest major city that barely ranks on the list of largest US lakes.

      Fast forward a couple decades and last week I visited Lake of the Ozarks for a dealer training event. A few weeks prior, I had reached out to Brett Manire, the owner of Performance ...
      by Published on 02-12-15 01:42 PM
      Article Preview

      I'd love to sit back and say that DCB chose RDP as their venue to unveil their latest, and one of the sickest to date, creation the new M-29. The fact is though I got wind of them getting a pair of the new 400 Merc's and had to wrestle ...
      by Published on 02-09-15 05:47 PM
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      Written By Bob Brown
      Dry Land Evaluation : Chris Hamlin of Prestige Marine, Aaron Fluent of Absolute Speed and Marine
      Photos by : Dusty Wooddell (Primary) / Andrew Ruzek (Secondary) / Bob Brown (Back Up)

      Who doesn't remember that unmistakable new car feel and smell when you first drive it off the dealers lot and you're cruising down the highway with a big smile on your face? Well, get ready to smile again if you're fortunate enough to be the owner of a new Nordic 26 Deckboat.

      Over the past seven years the economy hasn't been kind to the performance boat building industry and in many instances it put a major crimp in the development of new models. But to Nordic's credit and perseverance, they've been steadfast in their pursuit of tooling up new models which is now paying off with big dividends. The 26 deckboat is just one of many prime examples of their skillful handiwork which has gained them significant advantage in the marketplace.

      Lets face it, the 26 Deckboat not only looks cool and very sexy, but it delivers the performance to back it up (more on that later). The styling is hip, fresh, original and modern, and best of ...

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