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  1. Shrekito
    Shrekito Fabhouse
    Good evening, I was searching Cibola on the old threads. You mentioned your place is off Baseline & Mountain View? Do you still have a place in the area?We are in Escrow on a house on N. Mountain View. Maybe we are neighbors?
  2. mrbill
    mrbill Gelcoater
    If I sent you a picture would that help ? If not where the repair is doesn't really standout so maybe a middle shade .
  3. Mamootaz
  4. mrbill
    mrbill Gelcoater
    What type of gelcoat should I use for a couple of quarter size gouges in a 1994 Stoker its white at this area. I have never done this before but I can wet sand and buff any car or boat. I am a perfectionist. Can you help ?
    Thanks Bill
    1. Gelcoater
      Probably LillyRam?
      Believe it or not there’s several different whites.
      Mar 20, 2018 at 5:15 AM
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  5. xr650Rturbo
    xr650Rturbo Bigbore500r
    I'm Looking to DOD delete also. Id like to bring the truck by if your available for this. thanks George
  6. xr650Rturbo
    SOS DOD Delete help with install
  7. Bullhead bully
    Bullhead bully UAV.Pilot
    Good morning Darcy, let’s catch up. Call me. I have the same number. I don’t know yours. 909-721-0411
  8. PainterShane
    Owner Of Exclusive Image Paint and Body, Santa Clarita, California. River Fiend.
  9. probablecause
    probablecause ChumpChange
    Can I have your contact information so I can pass it on regarding the cell tower lease?


  10. MohavValley
    MohavValley No Butt No Putt
    How was the interior work?
    1. No Butt No Putt
      No Butt No Putt
      It was ok. They unhooked my shifter cable and I didn’t know until I got to the lake. Had to rip out half the interior to fix it. They also unhooked my stereo.
      Mar 16, 2018
  11. Big Chorizo
    Big Chorizo
    Feeling Lucky
  12. fishfyter
    fishfyter KING BEE
    Are you still looking for a Vector. I have a 1991 w/Bravo 1 and stock power w/imco exhaust. Looking to get $23.
  13. gmnhra
    gmnhra RiverDave
    Is that your southbay pontoon at horizon..
    next door neighbors are looking for family entry level ...
    anything I should know about this boat???

    Gary Mocnik
  14. MohavValley
    MohavValley No Butt No Putt
    1. No Butt No Putt
      No Butt No Putt
      I do not recommend Martinez Marine Interiors. Way over the initial quote, quality of work sucked. Gel was cracking everywhere with no warranty.
      Mar 12, 2018
  15. AZLineman
    AZLineman GrassPay$
    IA may put my Schiada21RC up in a few months. Could be avail in various configurations as well as complete minus eng and exhaust. Txt me at 520 275 3912 Dave
  16. AZLineman
    AZLineman n2otoofast4u
    Please send all details and pics. Very interested. Thx, Dave - Email is AZLineman52@msn.com
  17. Thomaswep
  18. THE Cat Sass
    THE Cat Sass
    "I feel the need.....The need for SPEED!!!"
  19. sunwelding
    Real Safes. Real Security. American Made. Since 1980.
  20. Henry kaiser
    Henry kaiser RitcheyRch
    Thank you and glad to be here
  21. Epic Lifestyles
    Epic Lifestyles
    Livin the Life
  22. Moabifam5
    Moabifam5 Firedrill
    Eric, I met you filming the runs and you have a great shot of my future SIL. Can I get contact info? I'd like to see if you can print me his run so I can frame it and give it to him. thanks, Tom/Moabifam
    1. Firedrill
      Definitely. Give me a call so I can figure out which boat it is. Or you can email me at erick@firedrillpro.com Thanks!
      Mar 2, 2018
    2. Firedrill
      Number: 949-422-6089
      Mar 2, 2018
  23. Lesleychirm
  24. Steve-o
    Steve-o riverbrian
    I'll take the mats if they are still available. That's the vehicle we are looking to buy soon. Thanks!
  25. sczagurs
    sczagurs ductape1000
    I have two of those exact wheels you are looking for. Located in Rancho Cucamonga. Shoot me a text 9097065489
  26. EL PROPO
  27. EL PROPO
  28. wet hull
    wet hull micro525
    The prop looks good. Where is it located? Would you take $250?
  29. mjc
    retired neighbor
  30. Dand355
    The wife said , your going to kill yourself in that thing. Yes i hope so...its better than a stroke..
  31. JustGetIt
    1988 Eliminator 207
  32. stoker2001
    stoker2001 Skulker
    i have a real close friend with a Mach22 with a factory stock (unmolested) Merc 377 scorpion/bravo small block that was talking about selling. text me if you are interested 916-505-6021
  33. dp70
    dp70 GrassPay$
    saw your mention of a 22 daytona for possibly available - can I get some details ??

    text 928-412-4006 or email 5150 hd@gmail.com if easier

    thanks, Danny
  34. ktm 450
    ktm 450 PinkTaco
    I noticed that white and blue nordic 24sx with the 400 was still for sale, did you ever get a chance to ride in it,and if so how did it work?
  35. braindead
    He said Member
  36. Flyinbowtie
    Wasn't Me Man
  37. *BN*
    Lake Havasu
  38. TCHB
    TCHB poncho
    Looks like the wind is coming.
  39. spectra bash
    spectra bash farmo83
    Did you ever find out after the motor was blown if they were going to sell this boat?
  40. Steve Hiserman
    Steve Hiserman
    Looking to store my boat in the havasu/parker area. 26’. Any available spots out there?
  41. Stainless
  42. Stainless
  43. Stainless
  44. Stainless
  45. rickym20
    rickym20 shippingguy
    Hello , I work for a construction company in city of industry. We have been getting work all over in western part of the country. We typically send semi loads in the beginning of the jobs with supplies but often need to send a pallet or 2 from our yard to anywhere like Portland,Salt Lake or similar places. Is this type of thing all you?
  46. John Rork
    John Rork
    Formally Jrork on here
  47. SkiDoc
    SkiDoc Dog boy
    Still have the Sanger for sale? Thanks, Eric
    1. Dog boy
      Dog boy
      Sold the Sanger mini day cruiser a year ago, sold the Stoker last week.
      Feb 4, 2018
  48. Echo Lodge
    Echo Lodge
    PFC Founding Member
  49. SteveC
    SteveC preludebm
    Give me a call at 520-349-2364
  50. SteveC
    SteveC preludebm
    You posted a message back on the 11th of January said you have a 30 Daytona for sale in Tucson. I am also in Tucson and that's what I'm looking for.