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    Fast boats do crash and sink from time to time unless you just sit and stare at em like a pussy:
    I know your fast, cuz I was haulin ass when I passed you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TBI View Post
    Happy Independence Day Buddy!

    ?Myra Breckinridge?.

    The film is notorious for the scene in which Raquel Welch rapes a handsome young actor with a strap-on.

    I guess I'll pull an RR here; if it had to happen to me, I'd want Raquel to do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RiverDave View Post
    He's got the sonar capabillities to locate the boat, and he's going to drop an anchor with a line and a bouie to mark it's location. At this point all he really needs is someone to dive down and hook a line to the bow eye of of the boat. The rest of it should be pretty simple.
    Quote Originally Posted by Baja Big Dog View Post
    I'm a pussy in reality.....

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