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Anyone that comes to the Martinez area please feel free to shoot me a pm so we can meet up.

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Ha ha...... First thing, I never realized that the Fishers bar was called Rio Loco. I should have considering the amount of money I spend in that place.

We missed last weekend, which was our first weekend not at the river all year. We stayed home to have a garage sale, and we WON'T be doing that again. What a fricken waste of time.

Glad you had a great time and figured out your way around safely. We are down at Hidden Shores, which is where your pictures are down by the dam. This summer we are moving up to Martinez.

We will be back out this weekend.....
Definitely a cool place Scouter... kept an eye out for your Advantage... but seeing you had a garage sale, understand why you were not on the water Hopefully you brought in some gas money $$.

We'll be bouncing around this summer, but next time out, we'll see if y'all will be out!

My new sig pic is off of one of your sandbars. Wish we were out there now...