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2017 Schiada Regatta! I got your trailer queen right here!

By RiverDave, Sep 19, 2017 | |
  1. RiverDave
    My favorite "Non Event" of the season has always been the Schiada "Notta Regatta." It's a laid back weekend with no real schedule other than to be at the Casino Beach at some point in the morning, and likely end up at Fox's at some point in the afternoon. (That actually is the total schedule of the entire weekends festivities in case you are wondering). What the non event does do is rewind the river back to it's hey days with 21' Day cruisers (most with monster power in them) cruising up and down the strip all weekend long. It's like a time warp that really does take you back to a better time before the offshore boats and wake makers invaded the river.

    Lee making a pass in "Ski Use Me"

    Schiada Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-7637.jpg

    Big's latest Acquisition a former Schiada Race Boat with one of Alexi's twin turbo's powering it.

    Schiada Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-7685.jpg

    Aaron running in his double throw down 22. This boat was completely rerigged and repowered by Boostpower USA, and has put quite a few boats on the trailer (broken) trying to run with him.

    Schiada Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-4570.jpg

    There was a pretty crazy storm happening on Friday night so I elected to stay in Havasu until the Saturday Morning. Saturday morning things looked good when I was towing down, but that quickly turned to drizzle, which finally succumbed to rain. The weather predictions kept about 40% of the crowd away this weekend, but for the naysayers that claim Schiada's are only trailer queens. Here's 37 of them sitting in the rain, weathering the storm that was passing through.



    Most lasted about three hours before finishing a lunch a mexican lunch (provided by Schiada for free to all of their patrons) and blasting up river. The last two boats sitting on the beach were both ironically enough Twin Turbo V-drives with exposed motors, you know "The Prototypical Trailer Queens."



    By the time the storm had stopped I had put mine back on the trailer and had found refuge at the card tables in the Blue Water Casino. When the storm passed I caught a ride with Jeff and Jason for the duration of the day in Jeff's Teague powered 24 V-Drive. We arrived up at Fox's and watched the show for most of the afternoon.

    Schiada Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-4536.jpg

    "The Show" obviously consisted of bad ass v-drives all over the Fox's property, good friends and GREAT BARTENDERS, and most importantly afternoon and early evening passes in front of the bar.

    Schiada Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-7718.jpg

    Schiada Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-7719.jpg

    Schiada Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-7723.jpg

    Schiada Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-7726.jpg

    Schiada Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-7714.jpg

    Schiada Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-7716.jpg

    Schiada Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-7710.jpg

    My group hanging out at the tables on the finger dock. (Note that light blue Schiada on the left used to belong to Parnelli Jones! Was one of the fastest boats on Parker strip back in the day)

    Schiada Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-7725.jpg

    Aaron led the charge with some of the first passes

    Schiada Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-4575.jpg

    Followed up by Lee

    Schiada Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-7567.jpg

    Schiada Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-7702.jpg

    As the afternoon came to a close we got into the 24 and headed south towards the keys to begin the nights festivities at friends houses and bar hopping.

    Schiada Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-7695.jpg

    The balance of night time activities can be found in the "Schiada Regatta 2017" thread found HERE

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next Schiada event that is already being planned by Aaron! They are talking about possibly doing it in Lake Havasu at the Nautical!

    written by : RiverDave
    Pics : TommyGun Images
    Rain Pics : RiverDave

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