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Here's a little story I got's to tell about three bad brothers you know so well. It started way back on RDP with Marcus, Mike and of course Scott B. They hall had some Shockwaves, I know this sound rehearsed, They all had bad ass boats and wanted to be the first. They posted a little thread to see who else would go, little did they know people would ask for more.

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Of course I'm kidding with my Beastie Boys "Paul Revere" intro to the article, but it really does kind of quickly sum up the events leading up to the "Unofficial Shockwave Notta Regatta" that took place a few weeks back. Three members that are extremely passionate about their brand decided that they wanted to have a get together with other Shockwave owners. After some discussion Scott Barry (SBarry), Mike Olmstead (Big Mike), and Marcus Jones (Dirtbag) began organizing what they called "An Unofficial Notta Regatta" via a thread here on RDP. To garner more interest for the event they also started a Shockwave Boat Owners group on Facebook and began using RDP and Social media to promote the event!

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It didn't take long before a ton of people were commenting on the thread (and social media) and their attendance list began to swell! With that momentum Boat Bling had offered to donate some products to the participants, and RDP also threw in a box of coozies for everyone as well as offering to bring Tommy Gun out for at least one of the days to shoot some pics for the event.

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Shockwave Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-7760.jpg

The event itself was really low key and laid back with the simple plan of "Meet at Pirates Cove on Saturday and Hang out!" Fortunately for the Shockwave owners the weather decided to head south and dump on our poor "Schiada Notta Regatta" happening down in Parker on the very same day.
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There was 29 boats total in attendance at Pirates, with half of the fleet coming north bound from Lake Havasu, and the other half of the fleet coming south bound from Needles. They had great weather on the ride up (and down), and luckily only got a light rain for about thirty minutes at Pirates. After the free boat wash and a quick wipe down it was a Shockwave boat show right there in the cove!
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Sunday the game plan was again a laid back plan. Parade through the Channel and then meet up at the Springs for lunch! With Tom and I both coming back from the Schiada regatta the day before we elected to have him on the bridge, and I'd catch them when they came to the springs.


The Springs setup a buffet style breakfast for all the Shockwave owners, and I can't compliment them enough on the quality of food. They really did an outstanding job not only on the food, but the level of service to 60+ people coming in at once was on point!


While I only got to participate in a small part of it, it was a ton of fun catching up with some members and having lunch with Bob from Shockwave. The whole bunch was having a great time, and it was unfortunate for me that I had my truck and trailer in the parking lot or I would've jumped in a boat and gone with them! Next years "Notta Regatta" is already in the works! Stay tuned for more details.