It's the end of January and we have already had our first boating event of the season in 2019! The Los Angeles Boat Show has traditionally been the kick off for all things boating in each new year. The show itself is also a barometer of sorts for those in the industry to know "what's to come."


I'm happy to report that the show has grown again this year filling four halls of the Pomona Fairplex, and one of those halls was dedicated solely to the performance aspect! On that same barometer we saw good tidings with the return of Lavey Craft after nearly a decade, and the return of Advantage boats after about half of that time.


As all the performance guys brought their best to impress three boats stood out from the pack this year and these are our top picks of the show.

Nordic debuted a new model at the show with their new 355 "Long Deck." The boat is a true tunnel, and right out of the gate ran 117 mph! The boat is extremely versatile with build configurations due to it's unique bottom design. With wide sponsons and a narrower tunnel the boat is available in Twin Outboard, Quad Outboard, or Twin Stern Drives!



Cobra Boats Debuted their newest model the 280 Venom! The lines of the boat are absolutely unbelievable. It not only was the sexiest boat at the show, but earns it's ranks in my opinion to be in the top ten sexiest boats of all time! Powered by a Merc 860 with a M6 Drive we are anxiously awaiting our opportunity to go run the boat and see how it performs!



DCB brought out Dave Magoo's latest build and it is quite simply off the charts. The boat has a wide variety of out of the box and custom upgrades that put it in a league of it's own! From the Air Conditioning, Air Conditioned seats, A camera the comes out of the bottom of the tunnel to increase safety, cameras on the sea strainers, wireless cell phone charging, power seats, even a cascading waterfall down the steps, we have only covered a portion of it. The boat is simply a technological marvel.



As always we are going to do the "infamous" LA Boat Show report where we share our opinions of the successes, improvements, and failures of just about every boat in the performance hall! We will also be diving into a few unique pontoons and ultra high end wake board boats as well.

To Read what the whole boat show report and see what the members have to say you can simply click HERE.

If you simply want the editorial no problem! Each boat will be uploaded to the front page in the "Boat Reviews" section!