Like many of the boats that ‘Fly’ the lower river, the time has sure flown since the inaugural ‘Lower River Run’ of 2000. Though Chase De Antonio and his group of friends & family had been doing the 120 mile Blythe to Lake Martinez run for years, it wasn’t till 2019 that they made it an ‘event’, and welcomed everyone under the ‘Lower River Outboards’ group.

Now on it’s 4th year, the ‘LRR’ is a casual event, with people coming from all over in many types of boats, not just outboards, for a day of boating a unique stretch of the lower Colorado River. Held out of McIntyre Park in Blythe CA, groups of people can tent camp, rv camp, or stay in one of the any mnearby parks like The Cove. There is also a Hampton Inn less than 10 minutes from the launch ramp, so there’s plenty of options.

After everyone has launched, Chase gives a casual rundown for the day, with people having the option to freely do their own thing. With stops at Walters Camp, the 4S sandbar, and the full run to Lake Martinez, people have options to do as they wish ! A start time of around 9:00 am sends everyone downriver about 30 miles for a half way stop, a shallow sand bar in front of Walters Camp, where fuel is also available for those in need.

The Place to be.

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Some really nice toys arrive.

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RDP has been a supporter of the run since day 1.

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Some Lower River Outboards swag for sale.

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The story on this 1967 Stevens is too long for due justice. (article coming soon!) The short version is Chase saw this in a back lot in Parker, & it looked like the same hull his grandfather had, so he bought it. After peeling back decades of paint and grime, they found the orig. CF #’s and wouldn’t you know it, it was indeed his Grandfathers boat ! What were the chances??? A long restoration, all the way down to bare hull, and a complete makeover, including monkey pod wood brought in from Hawaii, this thing is beyond words. I heard the ‘unveiling’ to Grandpa who they kept in the dark was epic.

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Some of the boats lined up pre blast off.

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Smiles all around

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The first boat down came around the corner with 6 on board throwing and throwing a clean roost.

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Then it was a boat show . . . Lavey Craft

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RPM's R Up in his Mach 26!
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People even brought their dogs on the run !

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Father & Son in the 1967 Stevens !!! So rad.

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Chase (Our host) in his Winger

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This little girl looks like she was having a blast !


50 boats on the anchor in front of Walters Camp.

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Clouds casting some shadows on the mountains as boats begin to peel out for the 4S Sandbar.

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This group waterski’d to the next stop !

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Once at the 4S Sandbar everyone pulled up and enjoyed the great weather & some good ol fashioned river time.

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This stretch of the river is so pristine . . .

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A long ways from anything which is part of the allure.

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This was my 3rd time attending the Lower River Run, and while my boat is the furthest thing from a "performance boat", I enjoy this run just as much as anyone. That’s one of the things that make it such a special event. If you’ve ever considered running the lower river, but were unsure, this is the perfect way to see a very unique stretch of the of the Colorado River and meet some great people... I hope to meet more rdp members on the next one!

Written by Erick Bent / Desert Whaler
Photos by Erick Bent / Desert Whaler