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Jason from Eddie Marine! in Manufacturer

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From Concept to Completion DCB M37R! in Manufacturer

DCB M 28 with 450’s!! Unreal! in Manufacturer

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    The Road To Nashville With Mercury Racing

    Join Tommy Gun Images as Mercury Racing unveils the new 450R.
  2. Certified Offshore Authority Allan "Brownie" Brown - Part One

    Story by Dinarella / Photos by DinaRella & Tales from Thunderboat Row
  3. Outboard Church Meet at Pirate Cove - June 2019

    Article/Photos by Austin Foley (FoleyLoadedMedia)
  4. Epic Thunder on Cocoa Beach Grand Prix Season Opener Kicks Off APBA Race Series

    Story and photos by DinaRella / Aerials by PowerboatP1(Ronny McHenry) and Freezeframevideo.net
  5. Mercury Racing Unveils New V8 450R!

    Four years ago Mercury Racing reinvented the performance outboard market with the release of their six cylinder supercharged 2.6L Verado 400R four stroke outboard engine. The performance outboard market had previously and popularly been utterly dominated by high output, and often high maintenance, two-stroke outboard engines. Mercury Racing’s new four-stroke powerhouse meant boaters could...
  6. Travis Pastrana Hits the Water Offshore Powerboat Racing!

    View attachment 759234

    Diving gung-ho into every extreme, speed-related competitive race, rally and rendezvous on the map, the one-and-only madman on wheels -- Travis Pastrana -- has dominated the spectrum, spanning from supercross, motocross, freestyle and rally racing to kicking even more ass authenticating his on-land terrain skills as a stunt man, X Game master and NASCAR driver....
  7. 2019 Eliminator Regatta - They Killed it

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    I'm here to tell you that I have been to more boat regattas than any sane person rightly should. It's "part of the job" as they say. Generally speaking regattas are pretty similar when you go from one to the next, the only real variable is how much money they spend on things surrounding the "core" of the regatta itself. That could be on anything from a...