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  1. 2017 Schiada Regatta! I got your trailer queen right here!

    My favorite "Non Event" of the season has always been the Schiada "Notta Regatta." It's a laid back weekend with no real schedule other than to be at the Casino Beach at some point in the morning, and likely end up at Fox's at some point in the afternoon. (That actually is the total schedule of the entire weekends festivities in case you are wondering). What the non event does do...
  2. Readers Ride - 75 Howard 21 RC with a ton of History!

    View attachment 600186

    A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet up with Glenn Prine to check out his amazing 75 Howard 21 V-drive. Gene Willen had told me about this boat at last years Howard Regatta and said "You have to see it in person to believe it." While Gene has never been one to live in the past, this particular boat was so clean that Gene actually made...
  3. Nordic Acquires Hallett

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    It's been four days since the announcement came out on the RDP forums that Nordic had purchased Hallett and all of it's assets. This came as a shock to everybody in the industry, as well as consumers and was met with a great amount of excitement and sadness all at the same time depending on where you lie in the fold.

  4. DCB Introduces it's latest model the M33R!

    Been a pretty exciting day in the Performance Boating scene! DCB has finally released the much anticipated M33R!! This boat is available in the traditional closed bow, open bow, and finally a walk through open bow! You can see that they plan on putting the interior for the open bow below the deck to preserve the lines of the boat! To my knowledge this is the only 33' Outboard Cat...
  5. The Latest by DCB - "M44" Dubbed El Blanco

    DCB has just delivered it's latest, and first of it's kind to Mike and Kathy Stevenson.

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    Mike an avid performance boat enthusiast is no stranger to DCB having owned an M35 previously that he touts as :

    "One of the finest boats he has ever owned."

    View attachment 600151

    I can...
  6. Rick and Carry's Brentner's 26 RPM

    I have been slacking off for awhile and falling behind on some of our content on RDP lately. I have had a lot going on with the development of the new site, kids going back to school and a host of other things going on in life. For the last month though every night when I go to bed, and every morning when I get up, I can't help but think about this boat that I filmed a little while back....
  7. 2017 HTM Float Party - Parade & Pirates!

    If you were lucky enough to be on the lake this weekend, you might have noticed an unusual amount of HTM's on the water. This weekend was the 2017 High Torque Marine "Legends Float Party!"

    View attachment 600116

    The HTM get together started in Thompson bay where the infamous 306 dubbed "Team Huntress" was anchored out in front of the Naked Turtle. Other HTM owners were instructed...
  8. Episode 2.5 AT THE RIVER! Northern Sandbar - BullheadBully Teaser!

    Making friends at the Sandbar, checking out a Flatbottom, and an intro to Bullhead Bully!

  9. At the River Episode 1 - "The Nickel Tour of Parker Part 1"

    Kind of a light hearted, yet informative show that we are starting to produce once a week for RDP. The first part of the series is going to be a "nickel" tour of Parker with just a kind of brief overview from Dam to Dam. We aren't hitting every single spot along the strip, but we are covering things like Badenochs, the main bars on the strip, and a little...
  10. Featured Classified - 94 AO - FRESH MOTOR AND DRIVE!

    This boat is a 94 American Offshore 2600. 454 Mag with a B&M 250 Blower / Super Chiller (approx 500 HP). Big Gun Tube Headers, Billet Teague Accessories, Bravo X Upper, XR Lower, Dual Hydraulic WPM Steering, Dual Hatch Rams, Dual Auto/Manual Halon fire suppression , All new Carbon Fiber Face Gauges, New Steering Wheel, Billet Foot Throttle, SS Bimiini, SS Fire Extinguisher, New...
  11. Check out this AWESOME COMPOUND!

    Check out this combo deal! It is absolutely perfect if you have a lot of friends or like to entertain guests for the weekend. Both 1250 and 1240 Palmas can be bought as a package, or separately! Both houses have a ton of upgrades throughout, as well as professionally landscaped, pool back yards!

    1250 Palmas - 599,000
    1240 Palmas - 399,000

    Don't miss out...
  12. Fourth of July with Positive Trim!

    Another great Fourth of July in the books with our friends at Positive Trim Clothing!
  13. Featured Classified - 2014 E-Ticket / 710 Ilmor's @ Horizon 120 MPH!

    2014 E-Ticket / 710 Ilmor's @ Horizon Motorspots / 90 Hrs - 120 MPH!!

    Price Reduced - 195,000.00

    E-Tickets are quite simply the fastest twin engine Deck Boats on the market. They are known for their incredible rough water abilities at speed, as well as their turning abilities at moderate speeds. It's the perfect dual sport boat for the family as it...