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  1. Breaking News - Interceptor Custom Boats

    April 3, 2019 Interceptor Custom Boats is announcing the dismissal of Chris Mulvania from all matters concerning Interceptor Custom Boats. We would like to thank Chris for his years of dedicated service and wish him much success in his future endeavors.

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    Troy Mcintosh will be replacing Chris as General Manager, bringing with him years of experience in both the...
  2. Medley of Miami Boat Show "Bests"

    Reluctantly prying myself off the high-performance docks of the 2019 Miami International Boat Show for the RDP feature profile on the powerboat game changers, it’s time to take a peek back at a medley of eight of Miami's "best-of” booths and discoveries from my random roaming along the nine piers and through the indoor pavilion halls.

    It’s just over a week since the undisputed MacDaddy of...
  3. Eliminator Delivers a "Stand Out" 28 Speedster

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    We live in a unique time for the performance boating industry. After the recession a lot of the manufacturers have settled into common "themes" when it comes to the styling of their boats, and in many cases are reluctant to stray from their comfort zones.

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    What I mean to say bluntly is in a lot of cases in modern times they are just...
  4. Miami International Boat Show - A Go Fasters Ultimate Playgrond

    The Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show returned to its new home at the Miami Marine Stadium on Key Biscayne from February 14th through 18th. Since relocating from the Miami Beach Convention Center to Virginia Key a few years prior, just getting to the show is half the fun... and I mean that in the most sarcastic of ways. Atrocious traffic is worse than that Sunday afternoon...
  5. Mercury Marine Celebrates 80 Years in Business!

    Mercury Marine is the world’s leading manufacturer of marine propulsion systems. The Wisconsin enterprise’s revolutionary, game-changing engine launches and the Miami International Boat Show go together just like Harley Davidson debuts and the annual August Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

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    However, last month in early January, the company issued a press release in...
  6. Cigarette Racing Hits the big 50!

    Cigarette Racing Team raised the bar like never before. After pulling the covers back little by little, gradually divulging weekly visual revelations such as the -- Why 6? Because 7 wouldn't fit teaser photo op -- about its Miami International Boat Show 50th Anniversary debuts and causing a commotion of on-line commentary and speculation among the "know-it-allers" and the...
  7. Cobra 280 Python at the Los Angeles Boat Show!

    The Red 280 Venom from Cobra Boats is one of the sexiest boats I have ever seen. In a world of cats where at a distance it can sometimes be hard to tell what brand of boat it is, the Cobra stands out on its own.

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    The front details between the sponsons are not only unique but extremely pleasing to the eye. The detail in the hood mimicking oversized louvres fits...