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  1. Schiada - SCB Center console complete!

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    The new collaboration between Schiada and Eric Simmons is finally complete and they are doing the first stages of water testing! We are very excited to not only see how it performs but how well the boat is received in the fishing community!

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    When you combine one of the most proven bottoms in this size range, to the style and...
  2. Howard 255 VTX - Merc 520

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    Howard recently completed and delivered their latest 255 VTX with a Merc 520! As you are going to see in the video the entire point of this boat is "Fun!" So many boat companies are caught up in keeping up with the Jone's (Ironically a lot of them are trying to keep up with Howard), that they tend to forget why we all got into this to begin with!...
  3. Schiada Regatta... Traditionally Non-Traditional

    The annual Schiada Regatta also commonly known as the Notta Regatta is and has always been an event far removed from the regular cookie cutter regatta mold. There is no registration table, or registration party, or registration of any kind for that matter. There also is no host hotel, no poker run, no industry sponsors, and there most definitely isn't any awards/dinner/raffle held in a drab...