Typically writing an article on trailers is one of the more difficult things I have to do. Trailers for the most part are fairly common place, and while they have their variations in upgrades they are all for the most part the same. Adrenaline has been making it easy on me for the last two by taking something that's fairly common place and making it stand head and shoulders above the rest. In short, anybody can build a stair case for a trailer, but not many are making art out of a stair case.

I am sure you will agree when I say this trailer is over the top, incorporates a lot of function without forgetting form!

The trailer was built to carry the first M-29 with triple 400 outboards! Being that the boat is the first of it's kind DCB wanted something that would do it justice and set it apart from the pack. DCB's exact quote when I asked them about the trailer was "If we want a really full custom trailer than we call Adrenaline." As we go through the pictures it will be easy to understand why.

First we will take a look at the overview.


You can already see the beginnings of lots of little details in the trailer that you wouldn't normally see. You can see the DCB - M-29 logo's cut out of the fender pads, as well you will notice the shadow underneath the rear drive guard is letting sun through. (I'll get to that in a second)

Starting at the front of the trailer we see what is quickly becoming an Adrenaline trademark, the wiring connection in it's own body shaped box on top of the tongue. This one actually has a little clip to hold the wiring on top when not in use as well.


Moving further back we come to the main rails, and where the magic begins.

We will start with the arch shaped steps on the tongue. These are cool not only because they are aesthetically pleasing, but anybody that has had the traditional bar sticking out of the tongue and shin kicked it can see the massive benefit to this already. Upon closer inspection you can also see a matte black diamond plate that is attached via an adhesive so there is no hardware visible from the top.


That leads us to the semi circular stair case that is approachable by either side of the trailer! Again a perfect example of Form and Function working together to end up being "next level." The stair case is extremely accessible and you don't need to be a contortionist or worry about falling off of it when you are getting on or off of it.


Just behind the stair case you will find a platform that you can stand on while wenching the boat on, and concealed in the vertical there is an electric jack, that can be powered up and down with a switch on the stand itself, or by remote. There is a secondary switch to turn off the auxiliary running lights (Up lights / runway lights) if you don't want them on for some reason. In this picture you can see the perforated material that you can stand on, as well as a pretty trick DCB logo cut into bowstand and support beam where they conjoin. You can also see that the semi circle stair case is completely boxed in and not exposed underneath.


As we go a little further back to the bowstand and the wench, you will see behind the wench they filled the gap with the same perforated material that is used everywhere else on the trailer. It's a small detail, but it's the minor things like this that make the whole package "flow."


The details of the trailer start to show when you look in between the bunk supports on the cross members and you see the tell tale "dots." These are "Runway Lights" that will shine up on the boat at night. When you are bringing the boat onto the trailer at night, they look like airstrip landing lights which is where that name is derived from. A lot of people call them "up lights" as well.


The DCB world Logo and M29 are cut into each fender pad.


These also double as side markers at night!


Every aspect of this build, from the wheels to the hardware was meticulously gone through to maintain "Theme." The wheels were only available in a gloss black, so they were repainted to match the rest of the trailer. The Fenders were also coated to match the rest of the hardware (they came out amazing, and the pictures don't do it justice)


Even the U-Bolts and Extreme's stainless inset light caskets were powdercoated to match!


As well as the perforated metal that they used for all the walk areas on the trailer! (I really like this material a lot more than diamond plate)


Now this is the kicker, Wayne put a down light underneath the trailer that actually shines the logo's on the ground behind the trailer! As you can see from the pics he is still dialing it in a little bit to get the images "crisper" and more in focus, but when it's done it's sure to be a hit at any event street party, or launch ramp the boat goes too!