My name is Bob Jeanblanc, I'm excited to be a part of RDP's new
"tech"articles format. Many of you will remember me as I have managed Rex Marine and Dana Marine Products for the last 18 years. I bring with me an in depth knowledge of high performance marine hardware, manufacturing, sales and most importantly correct installation of those parts. I currently own
and operate two companies; BJ's Marine and Recycle Performance.

Boating is a true passion that I developed at a very young age. As a youngster I remember working with my Dad on our metal flake blue Tahiti with a 396 Chevy and Berkeley jet. Over the years we regularly visited Lake Nacimiento, Parker, Laughlin, and Lake Mojave. Once I got my drivers license, my friends and I would regular Crazy Horse campgrounds with my Dad's now more conservative Bayliner. We had a lot of great times in Havasu and plenty of unforgettable moments.

At the age of 17, I decided I wanted to buy my first boat. Bussing tables at the local seafood restaurant wasn't going to cut it. I decided to pick up the local Recycler newspaper and go through the boats section. I started making phone calls on boats in the 3000-4000 price range with a trade proposition, their boat for my 1986 Suzuki 250 Quadracer. Low and behold, after two months of calls I had a taker. With some convincing, I towed home my first boat, a 19 foot Hawaiian with a 454 Panther jet combo. A straight across trade. That's where it all began.
I was forced to learn how to fix this boat myself. I couldn't afford to pay someone else to fix it. Did I mention the motor was blown up? What my Dad thought was a noisy lifter turned out to be a spun rod bearing. I had to clean a lot of fish heads off plates to pay for that.

I eventually sold the Hawaiian and bought a 1968 Stevens flat bottom with no engine. Not knowing anything about flatbottoms, and very little about jet boats, I was very fortunate to meet Bill Morse of Speed Shop USA in La Habra Ca. Bill ran his speed shop like a local hangout and always had a gang of groupies in there. It was like Cheers, where everyone knows your name. Bill, one of the former owners of Rex Marine, knew his stuff about boats. He was like a grandpa to me and always let me bring the boat in for free help. Of course I bought my parts there, but he always went above and beyond to help me. I called him old man and he called me a young S.O.B. Bill was the only man I ever met that would badger his customers and we all loved him more for it. A really cool guy.

One day, Bill asked me if I liked my job. I figured, I had a job with flexible hours, and decent

pay for my age, so I said yes. His reply was, well that's to bad because you need to quit. He handed me a flier from Mike G at Rex Marine that stated they were looking for employees. I couldn't get home fast enough to make that call (no cell phone back then). I talked to Mike that day and had an interview a few days later.

I was very fortunate to gain employment at Rex Marine. I owe a great debt of gratitude to Mike and Shelbey Guadalabene for giving me a chance. After a short period of time I was offered the general management position at Rex Marine. I worked with Rex for 10 years and simply could not have gotten where I am today if I did not have that chance.

From Rex Marine, I accepted a position of General Manager at Dana Marine Products. I had

the great pleasure of working very closely with the most innovative man I have ever met, Dana Stettler. I learned a great amount from Dana. He always said, "no project is to big", and "if someone else built it, we can build it better". It was a lot of fun working with Dana and his influence in my life was a major attribute to me creating my own high performance boat shop.

Over the years I have owned 10 high performance boats, including jets, flats, and I/O's. I have rigged new boats for various manufacturers, and I have modified and repaired hundreds of boats. During my employment at Rex and Dana Marine I have worked with the industries most qualified riggers, fabricators, and design minds. I have had the great pleasure to call these guys my friends and my mentors.

I started BJ's Marine and Recycle Performance a little over a year ago with the burning desire to have my own successful business. We specialize in repair, service, rigging, parts sales, as well as jet drive and outdrive repairs, installations and upgrades. We will be working on quite a few projects for RDP, including the revamp of RDP's very own jet boat. Our goal is to present tech articles in a picture and editorial format so that the membership can learn from the articles for do it yourself projects, and have a better understanding of parts, components, assemblies and their unique functions.

I look forward to your questions and future friendships.

Bob Jeanblanc
BJ's Marine & Recycle Performance
1260 N Redgum St
Anaheim Ca 92806