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  1. Eliminator's 50th Anniversary!

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    Eliminator is having it's 50th Anniversary in business right now, so I went down to talk to the guys and see what all the excitement is about!

    Team Eliminator is rolling out an optional "Trim Package" on all 2019 Model boats, and they are offering extremely aggressive pricing on all models including one of my personal favorites the Legendary 25 Daytona Standard Deck!

    To give you an idea of how aggressive the pricing is, this 25 Standard Deck Daytona with...
  2. Screaming Eagle Boats & Talon Power Boats

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    Columbus Ohio - Screaming Eagle Boats LLC and Talon Powerboats LLC are
    announcing today an exciting expansion in the powerboat market.
    Screaming Eagle Boats, well known builder of various high
    performance catamaran powerboats including Talon, Spectre Cat boats and
    numerous custom Formula 1 and hydroplane race boats dating back to 1992, and
    highly recognized for their unmatched focus on high quality design, manufacturing...

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    Life jacket exchange events kick off Saturday, May 19!

    10-year anniversary of life jacket exchanges starts with events statewide

    Have an old, worn out life jacket? Swap it for a new one. 2018 marks the 10-year anniversary of the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s (AZGFD) life jacket exchange program, and it’s starting with a statewide push to ensure everyone in Arizona is safe on the water this summer.

    Last year AZGFD swapped more than 800 old life...
  4. Chase Chapell's new M31 with 860's!! - SICK!!

    Before I get started with this, I'd like to offer a small apology with Tony and Jeff. They sent me this boat for an RDP "Exclusive", and I have been so busy with "life" that I didn't get it up until right now.

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    That being said, lets take a look at Dave Chapell's new M31! I have to say I recently had the absolute pleasure of going out in a 31 / 860 boat, and if I was building an Inboard DCB, I think this exact package would be the one....
  5. Barron Boats Press Release! - "RDP Exclusive!"


    An Industry Familiar Name Readies for the Release of a New Line-Up of Deckboats and Center Consoles

    Sometimes when one door closes, another one opens. And so it is with Jerry Barron, son of now deceased southern California boat building icon, Nick Barron of Hallett Boats.

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    After more than four decades in the boating industry, Jerry Barron has taken the leap into boat manufacturing for himself...
  6. Happy Birthday Justin aka BeerMaker

  7. Palomar Solar - Making RDP Proud!

    There's one company changing the face of the Solar Industry one customer at a time and that's Palomar Solar. If you are in your early forties you will remember all the positive PR that went into the Solar Industry thirty years ago. Colleges had Solar powered car races, they had solar powered boat races, they had all kinds of crazy physics experiment competitions deriving the energy from Solar panels. It was so predominant that Hollywood made several movies about Solar Races, where a...
  8. Nordic Acquires Hallett

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    It's been four days since the announcement came out on the RDP forums that Nordic had purchased Hallett and all of it's assets. This came as a shock to everybody in the industry, as well as consumers and was met with a great amount of excitement and sadness all at the same time depending on where you lie in the fold.

    (The infamous wood deck flat bottom that graced the showroom in the large Irwindale shop now resides in the...
  9. DCB Introduces it's latest model the M33R!

    Been a pretty exciting day in the Performance Boating scene! DCB has finally released the much anticipated M33R!! This boat is available in the traditional closed bow, open bow, and finally a walk through open bow! You can see that they plan on putting the interior for the open bow below the deck to preserve the lines of the boat! To my knowledge this is the only 33' Outboard Cat that is available in all three configurations!

    This boat has it's own...
  10. 2017 HTM Float Party - Parade & Pirates!

    If you were lucky enough to be on the lake this weekend, you might have noticed an unusual amount of HTM's on the water. This weekend was the 2017 High Torque Marine "Legends Float Party!"

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    The HTM get together started in Thompson bay where the infamous 306 dubbed "Team Huntress" was anchored out in front of the Naked Turtle. Other HTM owners were instructed to meet there and at 11:30 sharp they would be doing a parade through the channel, and then head up...
  11. Livorsi has some new products you are going to want to see!

    Always being innovators in the marine Industry Livorsi has introduced some new products that offer form, function and a different twist on the norm! Livorsi has just released a new style of gauge not only for trim tabs, but jack plates as well! Typically movement gauges are the square box

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    These new style of gauges can be used in the following applications and more!

    Trim indication
    Trim Tab indication
    Rudder Indication
    Throttle % / Throttle position...
  12. RDP Raft up location and times!


    1.This location was picked because the south facing beach should offer some protection from boat wakes. It is approximately 1 1/2 miles North of the Pump station.

    2.Bring an Anchor, and BRING LARGE FENDERS!! If you show up with coke can diameter fenders don't be surprised if nobody wants to tie up with you. Poker Run starts at 10 am, I'm thinking we will leave the Thompson bay Buoy line at 9:00

    Helicopter will be there between 10:00 - 11:00 am for the group...
  13. Want to ride in the RDP Helicopter at Desert Storm? YOU CAN!

    We are giving away a ride for two people in the RDP Helicopter Friday afternoon during Desert Storm! All you have to do is tell us your best "RDP" story in the forums HERE

    If you are a newer member and don't have an "RDP" story that's no problem! Tell us your best Desert Storm story, and or Best Boating story! Pictures...
  14. Desert Storm Poker Run & Power in the Park Festival

    Desert Storm Poker Run & Shootout
    Power in the Park Powersports Festival
    March 29, 2017

    It's with thanks to the multiyear returning main sponsors Shugrue?s Family of Fine Restaurants, Spectre Powerboats, the Lake Havasu Convention and Visitors Bureau, DCB Performance Boats and Teague Custom Marine that we are able to bring you a bigger, better Desert Storm for 2017.

    Along with the return of all that you love about this, the largest performance boating event in the west, we have a new...
  15. Nordic 28SS Runs 126 MPH with twin 400R's! The Bullhead Bully is on top!

    The Bullhead Bully is on top of the world right now with his latest evening runs yesterday topping out at 126MPH!!

    If you are wondering if it ends here, the general consensus is there's even more to go! The boat was dropped off at Nordic this morning where they are going to make a small modification to the bottom of the boat to allow him to keep water pressure and raise the jack plates a little more. Paul is very excited for what the future holds, and we look forward to seeing what...