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  1. DCB Delivers it's latest M33R to South Carolina!

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    It has long been known that DCB has owned the West Coast as the top tier boat mfg out here, and it's refreshing to see that the Brand is becoming more and more popular across the country! The latest M33R was custom built for Scott James of Greenville SC!

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    The boat will be used in several FPC Poker Runs, but primary use will be Lake Hartwell which borders South Carolina and Georgia. Scott and family are great ambassadors of the...
  2. Iguana Marine! New Service and Repair shop in Lake Havasu!

    Meet the Owner Robert Lankford and Service Director Mike Morris of Iguana Marine located on Industrial Blvd here in Lake Havasu City. Best friends since high school, Robert and Mike grew up in Southern California. Since childhood, Lake Havasu has always been a favorite playground for the two. Through the years, their friendship has made them inseparable.

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    Robert and Mike both joined the military right out of high school. After serving their country with...
  3. Legend Performance Marine - New Dealer and Service Center in WA!

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    Legend Performance Marine is a new dealership in eastern Washington, just outside of Spokane, in a small town called Liberty Lake.

    The new owner, Chad Bixby, has always loved the high-performance boating industry. When it comes to Lake Havasu, Lake Mead, and Lake Powell, Chad is no stranger having visited them during the summers growing up. Who doesn’t fall in love with that lifestyle? For as long as he can recall, Chad has wanted to be a part of the boating...
  4. Mercury Racing Unveils New V8 450R!

    Four years ago Mercury Racing reinvented the performance outboard market with the release of their six cylinder supercharged 2.6L Verado 400R four stroke outboard engine. The performance outboard market had previously and popularly been utterly dominated by high output, and often high maintenance, two-stroke outboard engines. Mercury Racing’s new four-stroke powerhouse meant boaters could now reap all the benefits of a high performance outboard without the finicky characteristics of the...
  5. Breaking News - Interceptor Custom Boats

    April 3, 2019 Interceptor Custom Boats is announcing the dismissal of Chris Mulvania from all matters concerning Interceptor Custom Boats. We would like to thank Chris for his years of dedicated service and wish him much success in his future endeavors.

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    Troy Mcintosh will be replacing Chris as General Manager, bringing with him years of experience in both the custom automotive and boating industry. We look forward to continuing to serve are current and future...
  6. Schiada - SCB Center console complete!

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    The new collaboration between Schiada and Eric Simmons is finally complete and they are doing the first stages of water testing! We are very excited to not only see how it performs but how well the boat is received in the fishing community!

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    When you combine one of the most proven bottoms in this size range, to the style and functionality that Eric is known for, it's pretty easy to come to the conclusion that this boat is going...

    To Jerry Barron, it seems like an eternity. That’s the way nearly all built-from-scratch new boats
    seem to go, never as expeditiously as initially planned or hoped. And making the challenge
    even larger is the fact that Barron Boats didn’t even exist ten months ago.

    (Exterior styling is definitely original. Modern with clean contours accentuated with
    appropriate gelcoat graphics.)
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    “Starting a new boat company and building a totally new model at the same time is...
  8. RDP Boat Tests are coming Back and with a FURY!

    I am excited to announce that we are getting back into both Boat Tests! RiverDavesPlace.com is traditionally recognized as a lifestyle website. That's not to say that we haven't put out some of the best and most accurate boat tests in the industry to date! That's to say we didn't put out very many of them or follow up with further tests.

    It's time that we put our best foot forward and start putting out some of the desired technical content that is not only desired by the members, but...
  9. Celebrating a Hero

    Saying goodbye to a friend is never easy. Writing about it is even worse.
  10. Congrats To Stephen and Kelly on their new M35!

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    Congrats to Stephen and Kelly on their new M35!! They are avid boaters that have owned several boats including a 35' Fountain with 525's, and a 38' Fountain with 700's before they stepped into the DCB Camp in 2017 ordering a new M28R! This is their second DCB in as many years and I'm quite sure they will be enjoying what I would call their first "Exotic!"

    It's no doubt the boat will turn heads on any body of water, but when you factor in the boat's home...
  11. Eliminator's 50th Anniversary!

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    Eliminator is having it's 50th Anniversary in business right now, so I went down to talk to the guys and see what all the excitement is about!

    Team Eliminator is rolling out an optional "Trim Package" on all 2019 Model boats, and they are offering extremely aggressive pricing on all models including one of my personal favorites the Legendary 25 Daytona Standard Deck!

    To give you an idea of how aggressive the pricing is, this 25 Standard Deck Daytona with...
  12. Screaming Eagle Boats & Talon Power Boats

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    Columbus Ohio - Screaming Eagle Boats LLC and Talon Powerboats LLC are
    announcing today an exciting expansion in the powerboat market.
    Screaming Eagle Boats, well known builder of various high
    performance catamaran powerboats including Talon, Spectre Cat boats and
    numerous custom Formula 1 and hydroplane race boats dating back to 1992, and
    highly recognized for their unmatched focus on high quality design, manufacturing...

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    Life jacket exchange events kick off Saturday, May 19!

    10-year anniversary of life jacket exchanges starts with events statewide

    Have an old, worn out life jacket? Swap it for a new one. 2018 marks the 10-year anniversary of the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s (AZGFD) life jacket exchange program, and it’s starting with a statewide push to ensure everyone in Arizona is safe on the water this summer.

    Last year AZGFD swapped more than 800 old life...