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  1. Lucas Upper Cylinder Lube - It's not about the MPG

    View attachment 598032 In this article we are going to take a look at Lucas Oil's Upper Cylinder Lube, all the controversy that surrounds it, and why I (and YOU) should use it regularly. First lets read the description right off Lucas Oil's website so we have some kind of generic idea of what it is, and what it does.

  2. How Strong is the Market for DCB's? Horizon Motorsports IS ALL IN

    View attachment 598192 Recently I was talking to Paul Miller of Dave's Custom Boats and he mentioned to me that Preston of Horizon Motorsports in Lake Havasu was building a new boat for stock. Now that doesn't sound like a big deal, a boat dealer building a boat for stock, but when he said it I was floored and I will explain why. Since DCB's...
  3. Lucas Oil and Ilmor Marine!

    View attachment 597361 It was thirteen months ago at the Desert Storm street fair, that the entire Lucas Team made a very big splash introducing their "Marine Line" of Oil products. The heart of the company chemist Mark N. was in attendance, Brian S, and even the founder Forrest Lucas came out to the West Coast meccas of boating "Havasu."

    For months Brian and I planned every detail of the street fair, from random swag we were going to hand out (7,000 koozies, shirts,...
  4. Eliminator Boats and OuterLimits Powerboats Partner on SV-29 West Coast version!

    View attachment 597540 In 1974 Bob Leach of Eliminator Boats revolutionized the performance boating world with the introduction of the 19' Daytona. It was part Hydroplane, part catamran, part Vee Bottom, and all style. The pickle fork hit the water and amazingly enough performed flawlessly the first time out! It was quite a change from the various types of boat on the market that became difficult or even next to impossible to drive as the speeds increased. The Daytona was...
  5. Celebrating a Hero

    Saying goodbye to a friend is never easy. Writing about it is even worse.
  6. Nordic Acquires Hallett

    View attachment 600178

    View attachment 600180

    It's been four days since the announcement came out on the RDP forums that Nordic had purchased Hallett and all of it's assets. This came as a shock to everybody in the industry, as well as consumers and was met with a great amount of excitement and sadness all at the same time depending on where you lie in the fold.

    (The infamous wood deck flat bottom that graced the showroom in the large Irwindale shop now resides in the...
  7. 2016 RDP Desert Storm After Party is ON!!!

    I know a lot of you (and Desert Storm sponsors) have been asking about the After Party this year, so it's time to make the announcement. THE 2016 DESERT STORM AFTER PARTY IS ON!! Before I get into the whens, where's, what changed etc.. I want to take a second here to recognize all the sponsors that are truly responsible for making this happen.

    My Wife Stacy, she has gone out of her way this year to make this party truly special. There's a lot of things we are doing different...
  8. Connolly Marine - Rises Again!

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    I had heard rumors about Connolly boats starting back up, but like anything in the marine industry you believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear. Yesterday afternoon though I got a call from none other then Dave Connolly and he mentioned to me that he was opening Connolly Marine right here in Havasu. We weren't thirty seconds into the conversation before I simply asked "where are you?" He responded 1505 countryshire, and I said "I'll be...
  9. Updating and Upgrading Interiors with DCB

    You guys might remember a short article I wrote up a few years back about a West Coast Allstar leaving us and going to the East Coast. Carlos Lafarga pretty much redefined West Coast Interiors when he worked for DCB. After opening his own shop "Premier Marine Interiors" and running it for a year or two in Lake Elsinore, another player in the marine Industry Cigarette decided to capitalize on his skills. Carlos moved to Florida and brought the west coast "flair" to the Iconic brand,...
  10. Ultra Boats just made some waves and dropped a Bomb!

    It's been awhile since we have heard anything from Ultra Boats. They recently joined the RDP Forums, and showed some of the projects that they have going down at the shop right now (Several 23' Deckboats, and 28 Deckboats being built), and with admitted slow start have announced that they are ready to be a player in the Custom Boat Scene once again!

    23's in Production, both Jet and I/O's are being built for customers....
  11. Eliminator Not Attending LA Show - The Real Reason

    View attachment 597915 I'm a little late to the party on this one, as the press release has gone out via Bob Brown to a multitude of customers, and media outlets. So in typical RDP fashion we will dive into it a little deeper and show you a little of what they are building! I was only able to attain a few pics, but I plan on going there on Friday morning to take a bunch more. As you might have read on our LA BoatShow - what to expect article Eliminator will not be at the show...
  12. Los Angeles Boat Show staged for a come back!

    View attachment 597888 This year marks the 55th consecutive year for the Los Angeles Boat show! As many know the economic crisis that developed in 2007 crippled just about every industry in the nation. I can't speak for everyone in the marine industry, but for myself the recession actually started a year earlier. People cut out "luxury items" before anything else, and being a guy that caters to boat companies advertising needs,...
  13. Memorial Day Safety Thoughts

    It should be noted none of the pics in this article have anything to do with the content. Just some old School River Pics from the boards.

    Back when I was thin and the plant was alive on the Patio at the RiverHouse..

    It's an interesting feeling living out here in Lake Havasu this time of year. I remember not that long ago being a California resident that lived 265.2 miles from our house in Parker (or 266.3 miles from my...
  14. Featured Ad - 2012 Howard Sport Deck - Merc 600

    View attachment 599677 View attachment 599681

    This featured ad comes from Howard Custom Boats. It is a 2012 28 Sport Deck with a Merc 600SCI! The boat should run right at 90 mph with a 4 blade on it. It was built with every option that Howard offers, and features a great looking gel scheme with desirable colors. The boat is perfect and Gene himself rates it as a 10 out of 10. With only 130 hours on it, this boat would cost 198,000 to duplicate today! It's offered at...
  15. DCB Sets a New Standard of Safety



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