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  1. Laveycraft offering special pricing to RDP Members - SXS Body Kits, Doors and more!

    RDP is getting ready to expand on our offroad forums a bit, and so I got together with Laveycraft to offer a deal exclusively for RDP members on their fiberglass body kits for SXS's! :) For the first quarter of 2017 Laveycraft will be offering 20% off (basically dealer pricing) their body kits and doors for RDP Members exclusively!

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    Their doors are regarded to be pretty much the best in the industry, and...
  2. Some new faces on RDP in 17

    I hope that everybody had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Speaking for ourselves we had a great time with the neighbors, members, and a few of the advertisers alike at the "After Christmas - Pre New Years" party that we had at the house on Friday night. Thank you to everyone that came out to it and made it a memorable (or not so memorable..) night. I think most didn't get out of bed until way into the afternoon the next day, it was one hell of a party.

    So last year we picked up...
  3. SXSPerformance.com is opening a Location in Lake Havasu!

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    As I'm sure some of you already know SXSPerformance.com is a retail shop that specializes in off road accessories. While their primary focus is aftermarket parts for the UTV Market, most of the products can be used in any off road (or in some cases on road) applications. They carry over 80 brands (in stock) like Axia Alloys, Baja Designs, Walker Evans, Trinity and countless others. On top of the 80+ brands that they carry they are also a...
  4. 5th Annual Sand, Water, and RV Expo coming to LHC NOV 19-20

    Motorsports Enthusiasts to See It All! November 19-20, 2016

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    Lake Havasu has deservedly earned a reputation as a mecca for outdoor motorsports enthusiasts. Because of the weather and the immediate proximity to both water and desert, locals rotate between boats, off-roading and RVing with the change of each season.

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    Five years ago, the "Sand - Water - RV Expo" first appeared on the Havasu scene at Lake Havasu...
  5. Featured Ad - 2012 Howard Sport Deck - Merc 600

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    This featured ad comes from Howard Custom Boats. It is a 2012 28 Sport Deck with a Merc 600SCI! The boat should run right at 90 mph with a 4 blade on it. It was built with every option that Howard offers, and features a great looking gel scheme with desirable colors. The boat is perfect and Gene himself rates it as a 10 out of 10. With only 130 hours on it, this boat would cost 198,000 to duplicate today! It's offered at...
  6. New Clothing Company - Positive Trim by an RDP Member

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    Justin Humphreys is a long time supporter of not only RDP, but all of our events that we have had over the last half a decade. If you have had a beer at the RDP booth at just about any event and it was a Coors product it likely came from him, and with a screen name "BeerMaker" it's not hard to understand how.

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    Recently he has moved on from making beer (don't worry guys we're still good) and has decided to start another career...
  7. Aqua Moto GP Invades Havasu This Weekend!

    Former World Champion turned promoter, Chris Fischetti is bringing his unique Jet Ski race format to Rotary Park beach this Saturday, April 23rd, for the Aqua Moto GP. The focus of Fischetti's race is combining a beach party with some great competition all with the goal of bringing the sport back to it's roots and having as much fun as possible.


    Unlike your typical race format, this weekend's race will include a unique...
  8. 2016 RDP Desert Storm After Party is ON!!!

    I know a lot of you (and Desert Storm sponsors) have been asking about the After Party this year, so it's time to make the announcement. THE 2016 DESERT STORM AFTER PARTY IS ON!! Before I get into the whens, where's, what changed etc.. I want to take a second here to recognize all the sponsors that are truly responsible for making this happen.

    My Wife Stacy, she has gone out of her way this year to make this party truly special. There's a lot of things we are doing different...
  9. With Problems Arise Opportunity - Mach 26 to F26 conversion by KMG! Part 1

    This is going to be one of the shortest articles text wise that I've ever written, but inversely I feel it's going to be one of the coolest because not only is it a unique project it reminds us of one of life's most important lessons. I recently heard that Kevin down at KMG was doing a Mach26 to F26 conversion for a customer, so I called him up to get the skinny on it.

    It makes perfect sense when you think about it, the bottoms are the same, and the tops are more or less interchangeable,...
  10. Live Webinar Jan 20th 3PM with Boostpower! Intro to EFI

    On January 20th at 3 PM RDP will be live broadcasting the first of a series of interactive "LIVE" webinars with Alexi Sehagian of Boostpower USA! The broadcasts will be aired Via a U Stream window on the front page, and in the forums itself, and the membership is absolutely encouraged to participate via questions and comments in the chat window! The first episode will be an "Introductory" to EFI, which will cover the basics of EFI, how it works, and some of the pros and cons of it...
  11. Introducing Paradise Auto - A quick Bio and some featured Vehicles

    As you guys know we have been doing a lot of featured vehicles, now for a few of the different advertisers on RDP.. I know have three companies that I'm going to be doing weekly vehicles on, and normal articles as well.

    Paradise Auto is RDP's newest Advertiser, they are a decent sized car lot (125+ vehicles at all times) right here in Havasu. There's a major tax advantage for Californian's to purchase a vehicle in Arizona. In California when you trade in a vehicle you pay tax on the...
  12. Echelon Tile and Stone - Featured RDP Advertiser

    Now that we have just passed Thanksgiving and are nearing the Holidays, for the most part the boats are put away for the season. Granted that's not the case for all of them, as several are at shops getting interior make overs, upgrades, services, repairs you name it, but none the less, as I look out over the lake each day the lake it is empty.

    It's that time of year where we can finally finish up a lot of the articles and projects that I haven't had time to finish up or get too, but...
  13. Ultra Boats just made some waves and dropped a Bomb!

    It's been awhile since we have heard anything from Ultra Boats. They recently joined the RDP Forums, and showed some of the projects that they have going down at the shop right now (Several 23' Deckboats, and 28 Deckboats being built), and with admitted slow start have announced that they are ready to be a player in the Custom Boat Scene once again!

    23's in Production, both Jet and I/O's are being built for customers....
  14. Weekly Truck Deal from Jason Holley! Silverado

    As always Jason provides extremely aggressive pricing for RDP members, and will have the truck delivered to you if you are not local to Southern California! This is this weeks "Featured Truck" but if you are in the market for a 1 ton or another Chevy he would be happy to help you as well!


    "Silverado Deal"

    Chevrolet DBL Cab 1500 LT...
  15. Featured Sales Boat of the Week 28 Bullet with a Teague 900!!



    This boat is a 2003 28 Bullet Closed Bow with a Teague 900 in it! Boat will run over 100 mph to break off 99% of what's out there in a lake race, but is still docile enough that you can pull your kids tubing, waterskiing, and wakeboarding. The boat is fully loaded with the best options you can...