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  1. 2013 Parker International Water Ski Races

    View attachment 597325 I went down to the Parker International Water Ski Races a few weeks back (Mar 9-10), and had an absolute blast! I have been going to water ski races of all sorts for about seven years and it seems with each event there is always a different "vibe." I'm not hardcore enough into the sport to be able to tell you what dictates that "vibe" of each event, or the mood of the racers but from my limited (very limited) knowledge I would have to say that the...
  2. 2014 Lake Havasu Boat Show

    <iframe src="//player.vimeo.com/video/91824270" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href="">23rd Annual Lake Havasu Boat Show</a> from <a href="http://vimeo.com/havasuproductionz">Carter Bahde</a> on <a href="https://vimeo.com">Vimeo</a>.</p>

    For pics of all the performance boats at the show please click here...
  3. 2015 Ultra Regatta and Light History lesson

    The 2015 Ultra Regatta was the first regatta held in the last seven years! It should also be mentioned that this was the first regatta since the new owner Rusty has taken over the company! I'm not sure that anybody knew what to expect going into it, and there was quite a few doubters that the event would even take place right up until the week of the regatta itself. There was some miscommunications, problems with an answering service, and confusion at the Nautical up until just...
  4. 2016 6th Annual Billy B River Rockets Show at Pirates Cove by Jason Miller

    It's been said "Early to bed, early to rise. Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise". If that holds any truth then on September 17, 2016, Pirate Cove Resort was flooded by genius level boat Owners and Drivers. I began my morning at 7am. Pulling in to Jack Smith Memorial Park in Needles, CA. I was thinking I might catch the beginning of the precession down to Pirate Cove. Maybe some early hot laps. Instead I only found a lot full of empty trailers. After ten minutes and not even hearing a...
  5. 2016 - 336 Parker Enduro Announcement # 1

    It's a little later in the season than I would've liked to finally be getting started on the Enduro. For the last two years I have tried like hell to get ahead of the eight ball, so there's a little irony in the fact that the first year I really had a chance to get out in front of it, I find myself behind it. The upside is it is for good reason that I am running behind in the fact that RDP has had an absolute banner year in business and we have been so busy that we haven't had...
  6. 2016 10th Annual Performance Regatta Coverage!

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    Its 9am. August 13, 2016. The air temperature is a humid 101 degrees, the water temperature a very comfortable 78 degrees. Up and down the river near Aha Quinn Ca, engines can be heard firing and heading for the "sand bar", just a quick ride up river. I watch as the parade of small boats with big inch engines pass, thinking to myself it's going to be a great day.

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    Up at the sand bar the mix of Jet Boats, V Drives, family cruisers,...
  7. 2016 Catalina Ski Race - By Daren Van Ryte

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    You can tell it's close to race day when you see this line up in front of the Maya Hotel. As always, Friday afternoon involves good times talking with friends and teams you may only see at the Catalina Ski Race. I had the opportunity to talk to team 70 that consisted of a double up team from Australia with skiers, Steve Berry and Troy Barens skiing behind a 38' Hustler driven by Darrell Nottke with Todd Kelm observing and Keefe Nottke navigating....
  8. 2016 CdA Performance Boat Regatta - This is how we do it in Idaho!

    Photos and Words by : Mike Shill aka "Clown Royal"

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    Last weekend was the 13 th Annual Regatta in Harrison Idaho on Lake Coeur d?Alene. The weather was in the mid-90s and at 5PM Saturday we counted approximately 220 boats and who knows how many people partaking in the festivities all for charity. This is the biggest boating event/party/fund raiser of the Summer on the lake. Event shirts, raffle tickets and poker hands all go to the American Lung Association....
  9. 2016 Damn Dam Run

    Photo's, Words, Video by Justin Ude (aka Beermaker)

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    As a self proclaimed Havasu boater, I rarely stray from my "happy place" on the Arizona/California boarder. But for the second time in as many years we made the trek north to Lake Mohave for the annual Damn Dam Run. I must admit the drive north to Hoover Dam is some of the most scenic boating I have ever taken in. The trip started with a late night run from So Cal to Havasu to pick up the Howard and a...
  10. 2016 Desert Stom Pictures Are Here!!

    With great weather for the most part and a huge turnout of amazing boats and boat enthusiasts, Desert Storm 2016 was a perfect subject for great pictures. From the Krusin for Kids event to the Street Party and from the Poker Run to the After Party RDP was on hand to capture the weekend in photos and video. With the help of RogerThat Images, Catherine Grace Photography, Havasu Media Productions, and Tommy Gun Images we were able to cover the event better than ever before. We are looking...
  11. 2016 Desert Storm Street Fair

    Another Desert Storm Street Fair is in the books and in this year's case it was one for the record books! RDP pulled out all the stops this year with a great display, the biggest supply of merchandise ever, and an amazing stage with DJ entertainment and bands playing all day for the RDP faithful.

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    The rest of the show didn't disappoint either. It seemed everyone has stepped up with more professional...
  12. 2016 Krusin for Kids

    Krusin for Kids is an event held every year and hosted by Teague Custom Marine. If you have never been to K4K it is a charity event who's focus it is to raise awareness and build community outreach for two organizations, New Horizons and Milemarkers Therapy.

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    New Horizons is a non-profit organization thatprovides service to people with developmentaldisabilities (Including Autism, Epilepsy andCerebral Palsy in...
  13. 2016 Long Beach Sprint Boat Races

    Photo's and Words by Erick Bryner

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    Another Long Beach Sprint Nationals is in the books and this one had no shortage of excitement. And although I only attended Saturday's races, I don't feel like I missed out on any action. The day started off a little crooked due the parking situation which ruffled some feathers outside the gates, but once that was resolved and everyone settled in, the typical waterside partying ensued....
  14. 2016 Skaterfest Coverage by JayBoat!

    Photos and Words by : Jayboat

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    Regardless of size, poker runs are the lifeblood of the performance boating world. They bring owners and fans together to run with each other, socialize and check out hardware; as well as offer builders, dealers and vendors a chance to showcase product to their core market. Whether it's a huge event like Desert Storm or Key West, or a local event at a small lake everyone in this game enjoys the...
  15. 2017 Campbell Spring Round Up

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    The 2017 Campbell Boat Owners annual Spring Round Up, dropped anchor on Friday, May 19 th in Lake Havasu City. On Friday afternoon, an informal run to Havasu Springs for lunch was made to conduct some pre Spring Round Up water testing. A couple of these boats had not been in the water since late last year, so a small trip was in order to make sure everything was seaworthy.

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    Five boats left Thompson...