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  1. Schiada Regatta... Traditionally Non-Traditional

    The annual Schiada Regatta also commonly known as the Notta Regatta is and has always been an event far removed from the regular cookie cutter regatta mold. There is no registration table, or registration party, or registration of any kind for that matter. There also is no host hotel, no poker run, no industry sponsors, and there most definitely isn't any awards/dinner/raffle held in a drab banquet hall. What there is, is a boating event for boaters by boaters....
  2. Taming The Dragon... A Land Lovers Guide To The LOTO Shootout.

    The performance boating community is a mixed bag of personalities, boats, and waterways. Each geographical region of boating holds its legends and lore and boaters from each proudly carry their flag high and tout their home water as the best in the country. Those of us on the west coast are fond of speaking with great fervor about such areas as The Delta, Lake Powell, Lake Havasu, or Parker. To left coasters these aquatic playgrounds represent the epitome of what boating was meant to be....
  3. Damn Dam Run 2019

    Story/Photos by Austin Foley (Foley Loaded Media)
  4. 3rd Annual Catalina Fun Run - By Erick Bryner

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    Have you ever been in an uncomfortable situation where you thought to yourself… “We just have to get through it. I’m sure we’ll be telling great stories about it in a week from now.” Well that was the case last weekend on our 3rd Annual Catalina Fun Run from Long Beach, CA to Avalon, on Catalina Island. As co–organizer/host with my partners Corey Vodvarka and Daren VanRyte, I had a strong vested interest in a memorable event. With thousands of dollars of my own...
  5. LROB 2019 Lower River Run

    Over 120 miles by water on the southernmost part of the Colorado River!
  6. Featured

    Lake Powell Challenge... A Decade of the Vital Few

    The Lake Powell Challenge celebrates it's 10th year with a record breaking fund raiser to benefit JDRF.
  7. Eliminator 50th Anniversary Party

    Eliminator Boats had their 50th Anniversary party last weekend and it was one for the books! With over 200 people RSVP'ing to the event we made the decision that the juice was worth the squeeze.

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    Myself and Brad Stern (Stern Insurance) added it up and it was going to be Eight hours of driving for four or five hours at Eliminator. Brad being an Eliminator owner already had his eyes set on checking out the new 25 Speedster.

    (Jake standing in front of the new...
  8. 2019 Eliminator Regatta - They Killed it

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    I'm here to tell you that I have been to more boat regattas than any sane person rightly should. It's "part of the job" as they say. Generally speaking regattas are pretty similar when you go from one to the next, the only real variable is how much money they spend on things surrounding the "core" of the regatta itself. That could be on anything from a helicopter for photos, right down to the center pieces on the table. That said the "core" is always the...
  9. Outboard Church Meet at Pirate Cove - June 2019

    Article/Photos by Austin Foley (FoleyLoadedMedia)
  10. Magic Powerboat Owners Meetup

    Magic is in the Air!
  11. Keeping The Tradition Alive... 2019 DCB Regatta

    Over the years Lake Havasu City has been host to many a manufacturers regatta. From the early days the regatta has been an institution for both owners and fans of the many builders that have come and gone in the west coast boating scene. In their hay day regattas pulled in huge numbers of both boats and attendees and manufacturers spent cubic dollars to show their appreciation to the brand faithful. Since those days we have seen a couple of economic down swings put a dent in both...
  12. 2018 ARP Long Beach Sprint Nationals

    Event recap of the 2018 ARP Long Beach Sprint Nationals by Erick Bryner, Fast Loud Photography
  13. 2018 Campbell Regatta!

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    This past weekend, the Campbell Boat Owners group got together in Lake Havasu City to hold their 46 th Annual Campbell Boat Regatta. 46 years of boating and partying is an amazing testament to the love and dedication these owners have for a boat that was last manufacture 21 years ago. With new boats showing up all the time, this year’s regatta did not disappoint.

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    The regatta tradition requires that there is a theme. This year’s...
  14. Miami International Boat Show - A Go Fasters Ultimate Playgrond

    The Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show returned to its new home at the Miami Marine Stadium on Key Biscayne from February 14th through 18th. Since relocating from the Miami Beach Convention Center to Virginia Key a few years prior, just getting to the show is half the fun... and I mean that in the most sarcastic of ways. Atrocious traffic is worse than that Sunday afternoon sleep-deprived return drive down Interstate I-15 from Las Vegas to Los Angeles....