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  1. Schiada Regatta... Traditionally Non-Traditional

    The annual Schiada Regatta also commonly known as the Notta Regatta is and has always been an event far removed from the regular cookie cutter regatta mold. There is no registration table, or registration party, or registration of any kind for that matter. There also is no host hotel, no poker run, no industry sponsors, and there most definitely isn't any awards/dinner/raffle held in a drab banquet hall. What there is, is a boating event for boaters by boaters....
  2. 3rd Annual Catalina Fun Run - By Erick Bryner

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    Have you ever been in an uncomfortable situation where you thought to yourself… “We just have to get through it. I’m sure we’ll be telling great stories about it in a week from now.” Well that was the case last weekend on our 3rd Annual Catalina Fun Run from Long Beach, CA to Avalon, on Catalina Island. As co–organizer/host with my partners Corey Vodvarka and Daren VanRyte, I had a strong vested interest in a memorable event. With thousands of dollars of my own...
  3. Outboard Church Meet at Pirate Cove - June 2019

    Article/Photos by Austin Foley (FoleyLoadedMedia)
  4. 50th Anniversary of the Mint 400!

    Its a cloudy, damp Monday evening, and here I sit, in the aftermath of the The Mint 400. Thousands of images to process, a story to write, and a head cold as a result of all the fun I had in Vegas. Its not the first time for me, in this position. And with any luck, it won’t be the last.

    You see, last weekend was the 50th Anniversary of The Mint 400 in Las Vegas, NV, and I was lucky enough to attend for my second year in a row. And not just attend, but to experience all of the rock splitting...
  5. 2018 ARP Long Beach Sprint Nationals

    Event recap of the 2018 ARP Long Beach Sprint Nationals by Erick Bryner, Fast Loud Photography
  6. Damn Dam Run 2019

    Story/Photos by Austin Foley (Foley Loaded Media)
  7. 2017 Shockwave "Notta Regatta!"

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    Here's a little story I got's to tell about three bad brothers you know so well. It started way back on RDP with Marcus, Mike and of course Scott B. They hall had some Shockwaves, I know this sound rehearsed, They all had bad ass boats and wanted to be the first. They posted a little thread to see who else would go, little did they know people would ask for more.

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    Of course I'm kidding with my Beastie Boys "Paul Revere" intro...
  8. Needles Hotboat and Custom Car Show - Billy B

    This year marks the tenth year of the "Billy B" show in Needles CA. What started off as a yearly Vacation with Billy B and some friends has turned into what is historically one of the coolest boating events on the West Coast.

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    Over the years this thing has grown to the point of busting at the seams. Last year was undoubtedly the biggest show of all of them. If you didn't arrive early last year and you had a spot in the back to say it was a "task" getting in...
  9. 2018 Dog & Andy's Vdrive Run

    Event recap of the Dog & Andy's V-Drive Run at Windmill Cove on the California Delta. Brought to you by Erick Bryner, Fast Loud Photography.
  10. Taming The Dragon... A Land Lovers Guide To The LOTO Shootout.

    The performance boating community is a mixed bag of personalities, boats, and waterways. Each geographical region of boating holds its legends and lore and boaters from each proudly carry their flag high and tout their home water as the best in the country. Those of us on the west coast are fond of speaking with great fervor about such areas as The Delta, Lake Powell, Lake Havasu, or Parker. To left coasters these aquatic playgrounds represent the epitome of what boating was meant to be....
  11. First-Ever Rockin' The Harbor Poker Run Brings Boating Bling Back to Baltimore - Part One

    Story and photos by DinaRella / Aerials courtesy of Ninety7 Digital & Randy Nuzzo
  12. Magic Powerboat Owners Meetup

    Magic is in the Air!
  13. Nordic Christmas Party

    View attachment 597166 Got a text from Thane the new GM of Nordic boats Saturday afternoon inviting me to partake in their first annual Christmas party. The text was short and to the point and didn't give a lot of detail or description as to what the game plan was, all that I knew was 5:00 and something about a BBQ. A quick offer to bring something to the Que, and should I bring the wife and kids was sent back. An even shorter and borderline cryptic response "Adults only,...
  14. Nordic Boats and the Los Angeles BoatShow 2012 Part 1

    View attachment 597311 Nordic brought more boats than any of the other Performance Boat manufacturers with a very impressive line up featuring everything from Deck Boats to a 100+mph 39 Vee. The boats themselves will be "lightly" covered in the article, but I figure what better way to start then to just give you the "HIT LIST" of their booth right up front.

    1. Buck's 28SS with a GT 1300 - 148 mph!
    2. Another 28 SS with a Merc 700 - 106 mph!
    3. 39 Vee with Staggered Merc 700's...