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  1. 2016 Catalina Ski Race - By Daren Van Ryte

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    You can tell it's close to race day when you see this line up in front of the Maya Hotel. As always, Friday afternoon involves good times talking with friends and teams you may only see at the Catalina Ski Race. I had the opportunity to talk to team 70 that consisted of a double up team from Australia with skiers, Steve Berry and Troy Barens skiing behind a 38' Hustler driven by Darrell Nottke with Todd Kelm observing and Keefe Nottke navigating....
  2. Howard Regatta Sept 16-18th

    Howard Boats has announced that this years regatta will again take place at the Nautical Inn Resort! The dates are Sept 16-18th and special priced rooms and cove spots are LIMITED!

    Make sure to call Gene Willen at Howard Boats to register for the regatta and get the reservation code for the Nautical at 661-257-9275!

    This is one of my favorite events of the year! The people are all oldschool river people, and the Hardware is second to none!

    Read last years regatta report...
  3. Ultra Fest - Regatta 2016! Most Fun.... EVER!

    The title says it all, and to sum the whole thing up into one sentence from my perspective "It was the most fun I've had at a boat regatta ever."

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    For 2016 Rusty decided to completely change the dynamic of the Ultra regatta and shy away from the typical "cookie cutter" regattas that have become the norm for the last 10 or so years. After last years regatta I talked to Rusty quite a bit about how he felt the regatta went, and what...
  4. 2016 Desert Stom Pictures Are Here!!

    With great weather for the most part and a huge turnout of amazing boats and boat enthusiasts, Desert Storm 2016 was a perfect subject for great pictures. From the Krusin for Kids event to the Street Party and from the Poker Run to the After Party RDP was on hand to capture the weekend in photos and video. With the help of RogerThat Images, Catherine Grace Photography, Havasu Media Productions, and Tommy Gun Images we were able to cover the event better than ever before. We are looking...
  5. Team Low Altitude Repeats as the Kings of the Desert for 2016!

    Desert storm 2016 will surely go down as one of the best Desert Storms of all time. From the street party to the after party, Desert Storm delivered on every level, so it was no surprise that the shootout continued the trend even after the official Storm had concluded. The shootout offers poker runners the chance to put up or shut up with and show what their rigs can do in a one mile course with the fastest driver crowned the King or Queen of the Desert. Normally scheduled to take place on...
  6. Official Desert Storm Recap Video!!


    This is a quick recap of Desert Storm week done by our very own Carter Bahde / Havasu Productions! It's a quick flash through the week of Desert Storm in 4 minutes. We have plenty of more content coming in the following weeks!

    This would be a great time to say Thank you to the RDP MEDIA CREW for Desert Storm.

    Tom Leigh headed up our Desert Storm...
  7. 2016 Desert Storm Street Fair

    Another Desert Storm Street Fair is in the books and in this year's case it was one for the record books! RDP pulled out all the stops this year with a great display, the biggest supply of merchandise ever, and an amazing stage with DJ entertainment and bands playing all day for the RDP faithful.

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    The rest of the show didn't disappoint either. It seemed everyone has stepped up with more professional...
  8. 2016 Krusin for Kids

    Krusin for Kids is an event held every year and hosted by Teague Custom Marine. If you have never been to K4K it is a charity event who's focus it is to raise awareness and build community outreach for two organizations, New Horizons and Milemarkers Therapy.

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    New Horizons is a non-profit organization thatprovides service to people with developmentaldisabilities (Including Autism, Epilepsy andCerebral Palsy in...
  9. Needles Boatshow 2016! Presented by Shell Oil & Joe Jones's Needles Shell

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    Well the 2016 Needles Boat show has come to a close, and this year did not disappoint! Before we get started on the article I wanted to take a second to thank the main sponsor for the show this year, and in particular the one man behind it. In a testament to how much this show has grown over the last eight years the main sponsor this year was actually Shell Oil corporation!

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    I'm not sure how many of you know, but I can say...
  10. 2015 Ultra Regatta and Light History lesson

    The 2015 Ultra Regatta was the first regatta held in the last seven years! It should also be mentioned that this was the first regatta since the new owner Rusty has taken over the company! I'm not sure that anybody knew what to expect going into it, and there was quite a few doubters that the event would even take place right up until the week of the regatta itself. There was some miscommunications, problems with an answering service, and confusion at the Nautical up until just...
  11. Desert Storm 2015 - The Evolution Part 1

    It's tuesday afternoon and for the most part the mass influx of people that came to Havasu for the event have gone home. I have been a spectator of the event for a decade, a vendor at the event for 4 or 5 years, and as said in a post on RDP heavily involved with some minor aspects of it, and completely separated from it in all others. I personally am in kind of a weird spot because I get to pull the curtain back just enough to see the nuts and bolts of the operation, but am far enough...
  12. Big Boys Toys - Lake Havasu City AZ

    I had always heard less then impressive things about the Big Boys Toys show in Lake Havasu. It used to be on Main St. and from my friends that went to it, they exhibited at it because they felt they "had too" or it was a "local show" so why not take a chance and exhibit there.

    This year it was moved off of Main St. up to the Airport and they combined it with another show called "Wings Wheels and Waves." I was bound and determined to stay home and work on my boat, but my wife Stacy...
  13. DCB - Leading up too and at Barrett Jackson!

    View attachment 598314 DCB is getting an early jump on the show circuit for the second year in a row by exhibiting at Barrett Jackson! Over the Holidays I took a trip down to San Diego to meet with Jeff Johnston (their new marketing manager) and to see what DCB is doing during the "Off Season."

    Upon walking in the showroom I couldn't help but spot this old pre mono shock CR 125! A lot of people don't know, but Dave Hemmingston actually came from building Sand Cars and offroad...
  14. Road Trip to Burley my first trip to the "Idaho Regatta!"

    Written by Barry Oblier - Obnoxious Racing Engines

    I had never been to the Burley Regatta prior to this past weekend, but this year I was able to combine a trip to dyno a friends Comp Jet engine in nearby Twin Falls, Idaho with the weekend of the famous race.

    In order to not have to make the entire drive myself, I needed to be in Blythe, CA by 8AM to meet my ride that was traveling from Yuma. I didn't even know there was a 4:00 in the morning! I made it on time, only to get a call...
  15. Extreme Machines at the AVI

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    Mid last week I was forced with a choice to either go to the Parker Tube Float, or an event that I had just recently heard about The Extreme Machine show at the AVI Casino. It's no secret that I'm a Parker Rat, and we go to the Tube Float every year, but this year with the kids being so young and my wife almost being full term Pregnant I decided to stick with the option where Air Conditioning was close.

    I have never been to the AVI before, and I must say I...