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  1. 117 with Scott Kornowski in his 18' Bahner!!


    Still figuring out the editing software for the Garmin, but this is a front view of 117 mph at the Billy B River Rockets event!

  2. Rebuilding Forensic's Spectra 20 Part 2

    To see the first article on this restoration please click the following link Rebuilding Forensic's Spectra 20 Part 1

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    Welcome to article two on the Spectra 20. In article one we water tested the Spectra leading us to discover that the engine had some potentially catastrophic problems. This led to the conclusion that the engine needed to be rebuilt. With the...
  3. Rebuilding Forensic's Spectra 20 Part 1

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    On a November morning back in 2013, I got a call from RD in regards to a project boat that needed some attention. RD wanted to have the jet rebuilt and some cosmetic upgrades done to the boat. Details were kept to minimum, but I did gather that the boat belonged to an RDP board member and expectations were high. The subject is a 1976 Spectra 20. The boat arrived, it seemed well kept. The initial plan was to run the boat before the jet rebuild, document the RPM's...
  4. Leaking Logs - How to Repair your Log Style Exhaust System

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    Log exhaust manifolds, the most common exhaust system found on jet boats and v-drives. These exhaust systems aren't known for producing any big dyno numbers, but their simple design is very effective and functional. The rugged construction of these manifolds generally produces a long life with trouble free usage. Regular maintenance of the riser gaskets should be performed to keep the manifolds from leaking and potentially causing engine troubles....
  5. Bad Vibrations? Part 2

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    If you missed Part 1 in the Bad Vibrations? series, you can view it here. Bad Vibrations? Part 1

    In the first article we were on the hunt for a bad vibration in this boat. We removed the jet from the boat, disassembled the jet and concluded that the jet was worn out, but not causing the vibration. By installing my break-in pump, we were able to run the engine and confirm that...
  6. Bad Vibrations!

    View attachment 597136 Over the last 20 years the one question I get asked the most is, "Is my jet supposed to be making that noise?" With some noises being normal and some not, we are going to dive into a project that will reveal these noise making gremlins and how to fix them.

    I have the perfect candidate, a 1989 Carrera 20.5, otherwise known as the "Red Rooster." This boat was brought to BJ's Marine to hunt down a bad vibration in the jet, or at least that?s where the owner thought...
  7. Jet Boat Performance - JetDrive specialists

    View attachment 597110 I'm Tom Manier Jr CEO and general manager for JJRT, Inc and Jet Boat Performance company. My interest in Hot Rods began as a preteen in the 60's after a single visit to a local airport drag race. I began building model cars and coasters, mini bikes and go carts and graduated to motorcycles and Classic 70's Hot Rod cars in my teen and High school years. I fell In love with Jet Boats in the Early 70's when my wife took me to her Folks Cabin at Nacimiento...