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  1. Certified Offshore Authority Allan "Brownie" Brown - Part One

    Story by Dinarella / Photos by DinaRella & Tales from Thunderboat Row
  2. Fox's Grand Re-Opening on the Parker Strip!

    A few weeks ago Fox's had their grand opening of their new dock bar on the Parker Strip! Now if you are a Havasu guy that might not sound like much, but if you are a Parker guy, then one of the three main fixtures on the water being rebuilt from floats to rooftop is a pretty big deal.

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    Parker is a little hard to describe to people that don't frequent the strip. It's a relatively short body of water at roughly 13 miles. It's pretty narrow so boating is extremely...
  3. Two Boostpower River Monsters You Will Never See Coming

    One of the things that I love about the Schiada Regatta is that it brings out all kinds of like minded people, and with that it brings out not only Bad Ass over the top Schiada's, but also other River Monsters that will usually lurk in the depths.

    This weekend while at the Schiada regatta I caught up with Aaron and his over the top 22 Schiada with a 1300 HP Boostpower motor in it, but also his friend Mitch that has a 22' Cole sporting a 650 Cubic inch Naturally Aspirated 850 HP...
  4. 2016 Lower River Run - AKA "The Sausage Run"

    Photos and Words by : Gary Schueller and the Lower River Junkies

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    There are two sides of boating: physically experiencing it and then there is the dreaming and planning for it. The latter of the two seems to take more of our time as we count the hours until we are free from all responsibilities and enjoying time on the water. The Eliminator Boats Owner Group ("EBOG" Facebook group) has played a large role in getting Eliminator owners together for various trips...
  5. A Fortunate Meeting in the Channel - Featured Boat

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    One of the things I'd like to start doing a lot more of on RDP is "Featured Boats" and "Readers Rides" particularly if the boat is something a little out of the ordinary. About a month ago I took the family down to the channel to hang out for the day, and as usual the Power Boating Mecca of the West Coast did not disappoint.

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    We ended up hanging out in the water right next to the Fortune family, and it didn't take long before...
  6. Pete Giroux - Life in the Fast Lane

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    Everyone who has lived in the fast lane, had to start somewhere. For Pete Giroux, life began in the San Francisco area with summers spent at Clear Lake. Pete's Aunt and Uncle owned the resort at the lake, which immersed Pete in all things water related. Learning to water ski at the age of 4 years old, behind dad's 17 ft. Chris Craft set the tone for future activities. Using the boat as their only mode of transportation to Lake Port for shopping trips with mom...
  7. Night Run to Topock

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    Every now and again you have to do something a little out of the box. I have wanted to make a night run down the river to Havasu, and every time I get close to doing it something always comes up. I have tried to do it several times since we moved here four years ago, but something always comes up. The weather doesn't cooperate, people back out, kids get sick, you name it. It's always something.

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  8. PinkTaco's Weekend Recap...

    This weekend offered a little change of pace to the usual boating, floating, and hanging I usually find myself partaking in. A month or so I was approached by former World Champion Jet Ski racer, Chris "The Fish" Fischetti about shooting some pics of an event he was putting on. Having always been a stand up ski fan, I agreed, and this past Saturday found my way down to Rotary Beach near the Channel to check out the action of the Aqua Moto Grand Prix. And action there was! More than 80...
  9. Warren's Blast from the Past - 1960 Schiada

    In honor of our new "Nostalgia" section in the forums, I figured I would put up some "blast from the past" articles and threads.!Please bear in mind some of these pictures in these articles are 30-40 years old and they are faded, but there's a ton of cool history and stories that should be told before they are lost forever. Because I'm a Schiada nut, we are going to start with what is arguably the Last Wood Schiada ever made!

    The boat belonged to Parker residents Warren and Freida...
  10. Membership has it's Advantages - Delivering a 29 X-Flight with Advantage Boats

    It's no secret that I'm extremely passionate about boats (Particularly the performance type). It has always been more than just a casual interest, but rather more of a lifestyle, or even a bit of an obsession. It's weird how after you do something for so long that even the most exotic experiences can become "The Norm." 150+ mph rides start to not seem like a big deal, and going over boats that often times are approaching price tags for pretty nice houses here in Havasu start to seem kind...
  11. Breaking Bread with the Enemy: Teague Repowers GN550

    The GN550 Tub of Fools boat was and will be the arch nemesis of the Teague Custom Marine GN77. The two boats, which were just about as opposite in setup as the class would allow, traded places at the top of the national GN standings in the late 80's. We got our hands on the GN550 Raysoncraft in order to bring it up to a competitive level for modern endurance racing.
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    The boat was originally driven off the snout as a raceboat. After it was retired and sold, the...
  12. Laughlin by Dan Delehant


    If you have never been to Laughlin, Nevada you might want to check it out sometime. It is Las Vegas downsized. The little city is seldom crowded and the fact that the eight or so casinos have the Colorado River running directly behind them gives the little strip a unique sparkling ambiance. At the north end sits the city?s initial casino, The Riverside. At the top of the hill at the south end of Casino Drive is Harrah?s. Several other casinos are packed in...
  13. A Non PC or PG story by Dan Delehant - "Lake Mohave"

    Lake Mohave

    How many times have I made that nighttime boat trip, at least thirty, maybe fifty? It's hard to say for sure with the brain cells sloughing off by the millions and all. Lake Mohave (Yes, an "h" not a "j".) some forty miles long and, save for a single spot called "The Basin," it is as narrow as a body of water can be and still be deemed a lake. It sits at the south end of mighty Boulder Dam. Lake Mohave is the Colorado River dammed-up just above Laughlin,...