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  1. The New "Bullhead Bully" is Complete!

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    It has been a subject of much anticipation among most of my friends, wondering when the new Bullhead Bully would be complete, and how it would run! Well I'm happy to report that Nordic has finished the boat! There are several minor changes to the boat that we will go over when we feature it, but the first of the main changes was the two large Simrad's that were integrated into the dash. This is again a testament to Nordic and their "Never say No" attitude...
  2. KMG's new 22' Phantom with a 400R!

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    I wish I had some better pictures of it, but I'd rather be first then late to the Party. :D This is KMG's latest creation which is there 22 Phantom with a Merc Racing 400R!! The boat has only been out once with a stock Merc Bravo 30 on it and ran 98 MPH at 6868 RPM! With more prop testing / motor height adjustments etc.. This boat will be deep into the 100's when it's dialed in with a decent prop.