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  1. Speed / Stability / Comfort - The Tale of a Speedster and a Mega Yacht

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    Recently Eliminator was contacted by an interested party to build a Speedster, it wasn't until the conversation got a little deeper that they realized this wasn't going to be a typical or traditional kind of build. The boat itself is to be used as a Tender for a 69.3 Meter "Mega Yacht" that makes it's home in the tropical waters Caribbean!

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    What most reading this article wouldn't realize immediately off the bat, is that these...
  2. DCB pushing boundaries with 450R’s!

    Just last week DCB repowered one of their M28’s from 300’s to the new Merc 450’s!

    Pictured here with the original 300’s
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    With an additional 300 hp (150 per side) the boat picked up an incredible 20 mph gain! Taking the boat from 113 mph to a blistering 133!

    Pictured with the new 450’s
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    Upon initial testing at Lake Elsinore their new M33 ran 125 mph with the 450’s and 36 pitch props. The number is respectable, but the main...
  3. Nordic finished tooling on their new 31 True Tunnel!

    Nordic has completed tooling on their latest model the new 31! The boat is the little brother to the 355 that was debuted in January at the Los Angeles Boat show! read article here

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    Thane added these little winglets on the side to give the boat a longer and sleeker / low profile appearance and they came out fantastic. This is...
  4. DCB Delivers it's latest 33R with Twin 450's

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    Owner Greg Timmon's has to be stoked with DCB's latest delivery his own M33R with twin 450's! The boat made it's first impressions on the crowd at the Lake Powell Challenge this last weekend and from what we have heard it was definitely a crowd pleaser! It's hard not to be when it's a newer model boat, with the latest in Merc Racing's power, and a build sheet that checks almost every box.

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    RDP got it's hands on the actual build...
  5. Twin 450's coupled to a 355 and The Bully loose in Powell?

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    That's the kind of nightmare that keeps other boat manufacturers awake at night. There is little doubt that the 355's will cover more ground than any other boats at the "Lake Powell Challenge" this weekend, that's what Paul (Balls to the) Wallner is not only known for but is nicknamed after.

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    Paul's true passion in boating is the build, the dial in, and then flogging them like they owe him money (or in this case adrenaline) from...
  6. DCB M33R with Twin 450's - It was worth the wait

    After Mercury Racing's unprecedented press conference in Nashville a little over two months ago, both manufacturers and customers alike were chomping at the bit to get their hands on the new Merc 450. In some cases the frenzy was so great that people were threatening to cancel their boat owners if they weren't among the first to receive them!

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    DCB recently acquired one of the new production 450's and it was slated for this M33 build. Upon completion of the...
  7. DCB Announces it's new M37R! Here's what you need to know

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    When Mercury Racing released the 400R, everybody had high expectations, but I don't think anybody could have predicted the impact that it has had in the performance boat market. Fast Catamarans have historically been powered with Stern Drives, going back from the days with a single stern drive blower motor, up to twin 1350's (and beyond now!).

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    It didn't take long for people to figure out that the reliable outboard power, and the...
  8. Eliminator Delivers a "Stand Out" 28 Speedster

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    We live in a unique time for the performance boating industry. After the recession a lot of the manufacturers have settled into common "themes" when it comes to the styling of their boats, and in many cases are reluctant to stray from their comfort zones.

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    What I mean to say bluntly is in a lot of cases in modern times they are just changing gel colors, and making extremely minor modifications to gel coat designs. In the 70's and...
  9. The New "Bullhead Bully" is Complete!

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    It has been a subject of much anticipation among most of my friends, wondering when the new Bullhead Bully would be complete, and how it would run! Well I'm happy to report that Nordic has finished the boat! There are several minor changes to the boat that we will go over when we feature it, but the first of the main changes was the two large Simrad's that were integrated into the dash. This is again a testament to Nordic and their "Never say No" attitude...
  10. KMG's new 22' Phantom with a 400R!

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    I wish I had some better pictures of it, but I'd rather be first then late to the Party. :D This is KMG's latest creation which is there 22 Phantom with a Merc Racing 400R!! The boat has only been out once with a stock Merc Bravo 30 on it and ran 98 MPH at 6868 RPM! With more prop testing / motor height adjustments etc.. This boat will be deep into the 100's when it's dialed in with a decent prop.