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  1. Los Angeles Boat Show 2020!

    Video recap of Boatshow
  2. The Birth of the New DCB M37R - From Concept to Reality

    We all get excited when a manufacturer announces that they are going to do a new model. It happens in several subtle stages, the first of which is quite literally "conversation." "We are thinking about doing XYZ" Depending on the feedback they get from their inner circle and close customers XYZ might change into ABC. The end point though is they have crossed what I believe to be the biggest hurdle in the process which is "It's time to introduce a new product into the market place."...
  3. Spy Shots of the new 48’ Nordic Vee!!

  4. Iguana Marine! New Service and Repair shop in Lake Havasu!

    Meet the Owner Robert Lankford and Service Director Mike Morris of Iguana Marine located on Industrial Blvd here in Lake Havasu City. Best friends since high school, Robert and Mike grew up in Southern California. Since childhood, Lake Havasu has always been a favorite playground for the two. Through the years, their friendship has made them inseparable.

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    Robert and Mike both joined the military right out of high school. After serving their country with...
  5. Legend Performance Marine - New Dealer and Service Center in WA!

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    Legend Performance Marine is a new dealership in eastern Washington, just outside of Spokane, in a small town called Liberty Lake.

    The new owner, Chad Bixby, has always loved the high-performance boating industry. When it comes to Lake Havasu, Lake Mead, and Lake Powell, Chad is no stranger having visited them during the summers growing up. Who doesn’t fall in love with that lifestyle? For as long as he can recall, Chad has wanted to be a part of the boating...
  6. Speed / Stability / Comfort - The Tale of a Speedster and a Mega Yacht

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    Recently Eliminator was contacted by an interested party to build a Speedster, it wasn't until the conversation got a little deeper that they realized this wasn't going to be a typical or traditional kind of build. The boat itself is to be used as a Tender for a 69.3 Meter "Mega Yacht" that makes it's home in the tropical waters Caribbean!

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    What most reading this article wouldn't realize immediately off the bat, is that these...
  7. DCB pushing boundaries with 450R’s!

    Just last week DCB repowered one of their M28’s from 300’s to the new Merc 450’s!

    Pictured here with the original 300’s
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    With an additional 300 hp (150 per side) the boat picked up an incredible 20 mph gain! Taking the boat from 113 mph to a blistering 133!

    Pictured with the new 450’s
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    Upon initial testing at Lake Elsinore their new M33 ran 125 mph with the 450’s and 36 pitch props. The number is respectable, but the main...
  8. Nordic finished tooling on their new 31 True Tunnel!

    Nordic has completed tooling on their latest model the new 31! The boat is the little brother to the 355 that was debuted in January at the Los Angeles Boat show! read article here

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    Thane added these little winglets on the side to give the boat a longer and sleeker / low profile appearance and they came out fantastic. This is...