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  1. "Out of Control" A 40' Skater like you've never seen

    Images by : Tommygun Photographics - www.tommygunimages.com
    Words by : RiverDave

    I have a friend named Cliff (American Offshore Powerboats) that off and on over the course of a year has told me about his friends "Crazy Skater" that I need to go check out. After a few photos texted, and a conversation with Al Burns the owner I decided to do just that.

    Tom and I jumped in the "Photo wagon" at 4:30 am to leave out of Havasu and head towards...
  2. "Singing the Blues" Update 24 Schiada by Prime Marine

    View attachment 597157 This week we will showcase a boat we built for one of our many great customers. This particular individual has been a customer for many years. The boat is a 24? Schiada. It started life with Mercury 500EFI, Imco stand-off box and a Bravo I. It was originally rigged by Schiada and is a very clean boat. Over the years it has had few changes such as a 2.3 Whipple and an Imco lower unit installed. Mostly we have maintained and made slight cosmetic and rigging changes...
  3. $250! Positive Trim Instagram Contest!

    I know a lot of you guys follow RDP not only on the main website, but on Facebook and Instagram as well! Beermaker who started Positive Trim just started an Instagram contest for Positive Trim that I think you guys are going to like!

    To Enter
    1. Follow Positive Trim on Instagram
    2. Upload a selfie (or photo of your crew) sporting Positive Trim Gear and use the hashtag #PositiveTrim
    3. That's...
  4. 10 Minutes in the Nordic 24 SX - First Impressions

    So as you guys saw in the first video, Dean Acton and I took out the Nordic 24 SX over Thanksgiving weekend. This is the video and my impressions of the boat after driving it for a little over 10 minutes. To clarify that, this wasn't a boat test where I was mashing the throttle to measure acceleration #'s or anything like that, just a casual ride up the river and back to check out the boat. I drove it no different then I would drive a friends boat with them in it, which is to...
  5. 100 MPH / 100,000'ish dollars.. But with a Small Block?

    View attachment 598235

    As we progress forward into the "modern era" of performance boating, it's my opinion that you are going to see a lot more boats running small block power then ever before. They are lighter, more compact, and with the new LS series platforms are putting out phenomenal torque and HP numbers. Ilmor has embraced the LS Architecture with their new MV8-570!

    View attachment 598238

    Thane, The...
  6. 117 with Scott Kornowski in his 18' Bahner!!


    Still figuring out the editing software for the Garmin, but this is a front view of 117 mph at the Billy B River Rockets event!

  7. 1974 Campbell Cuddy Cabin DC Restoration - Gel Coat

    View attachment 597640 This chapter in our 1974 Campbell Cuddy Cabin DC finds us trying to determine which road to travel down Paint or Gelcoat. What started out as just a couple of minor fixes to our new "baby" had morphed into a full blown restoration.

    We liked the original blue and white gel, but after ripping out the interior to replace bulkheads, we really wanted a red and white boat, so the color change issue was a pretty easy one to make. In addition, our boat had...