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  1. Spy Shots - New 26' Nordic Deck!!

    Nordic has finished the tooling on their new 26' Deck! It is styled after their extremely popular 29 Deckboat, and is it's "twin" little brother. With the market being so flooded with 28-29' deckboats, there is very little competition out there for a newly styled 26 which should make this an instant hit! The boat will feature the already proven 2nd generation 27 Thor open bow bottom which puts up great #'s, while maintaining great handling characteristics. This 1st boat is sold,...
  2. Where's the Gel? A muddy little secret

    View attachment 597146 The idea of gel coat suppliers, and what impact that has on the industry is really pretty foreign to most average boaters. Most boaters couldn't tell you what brand of gel was used in the making of their boat, and truth be told most wouldn't care to know. If you are in the market for a new boat, you design your graphics, pick your colors, and that's the last thought regarding gel coat you will have... Until it comes time for a repair, which brings us to...
  3. Bad Vibrations!

    View attachment 597136 Over the last 20 years the one question I get asked the most is, "Is my jet supposed to be making that noise?" With some noises being normal and some not, we are going to dive into a project that will reveal these noise making gremlins and how to fix them.

    I have the perfect candidate, a 1989 Carrera 20.5, otherwise known as the "Red Rooster." This boat was brought to BJ's Marine to hunt down a bad vibration in the jet, or at least that?s where the owner thought...
  4. It's all about the setup!

    View attachment 597135 In this article we will be discussing what a little "test and tune" can do for your ride. In today's economy it often makes sense to keep your existing boat and upgrade it via a re-power, re-rig, or in a lot of cases just dial in the setup. Many people aren't even aware that their boats may not be setup correctly, or that they can capture quite a bit more performance with some simple and relatively cheap modifications to what they already have.

  5. B&D Marine - Engines, Drives, Rigging!

    View attachment 597131 My name is Brian Fetherolf. I began my career in the Marine Industry in
    1974 working for family friend John Kaiser. I started B&D Marine in June
    of 1990. B & D is a family run business with my son Dane, running the shop, with me overseeing both as well as hands on in the shop and office.

    I was introduced to boating at the age of 7 when my parents purchased their first boat, a 16? Glasspar, and made their first trip to Lake Havasu in 1963. Every summer since, Lake...
  6. Happy Holidays from Prime Marine! Winter Storage

    View attachment 597119 I hope each one of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now that the boating season is starting
    to wind down and we head towards the Christmas holiday I thought I?d touch on a few topics that will help your boat through the winter.

    We all love our boats and all of us have to face that fact of storage for something that we only
    use a few times a year. Some of are fortunate to have the option to store indoors while other have to unfortunately keep the boat outside....
  7. Jet Boat Performance - JetDrive specialists

    View attachment 597110 I'm Tom Manier Jr CEO and general manager for JJRT, Inc and Jet Boat Performance company. My interest in Hot Rods began as a preteen in the 60's after a single visit to a local airport drag race. I began building model cars and coasters, mini bikes and go carts and graduated to motorcycles and Classic 70's Hot Rod cars in my teen and High school years. I fell In love with Jet Boats in the Early 70's when my wife took me to her Folks Cabin at Nacimiento...
  8. Prime Marine - VDrive and Custom Installation Experts!

    As President of Prime Marine, I bring 15 years of aftermarket industry View attachment 597107
    experience to marine industry. As a child, I grew up in Cucamonga with a strong interest in the mehanical world alongside my father and grandfather's mechanical skills. I spent a lot of time inside my parents and grandparent's garages learning about tools, machinery, automobiles and boats. Additionally my family's traditional river trips in our Classic 20.5' Hallett SS to the Colorado River...
  9. Welcome to the Front Page

    I have had a few sleepless nights asking myself "What is RDP?" Is it strictly a community? Is it a media outlet or a news organization? I finally asked the membership the other day in a thread "What is RDP to you?" and was happy to hear the responses. It is to the membership, exactly what it is to me.

    The fact is RDP is a community, it is a media outlet, and yes it is a place where breaking news of all types (boating and ??) happens. As the site owner this has put me in...
  10. Bob Jeanblanc - Marine Parts & installation expert

    View attachment 597090 My name is Bob Jeanblanc, I'm excited to be a part of RDP's new
    "tech"articles format. Many of you will remember me as I have managed Rex Marine and Dana Marine Products for the last 18 years. I bring with me an in depth knowledge of high performance marine hardware, manufacturing, sales and most importantly correct installation of those parts. I currently own
    and operate two companies; BJ's Marine and Recycle Performance.

    Boating is a true passion that I...
  11. RDP Mercury Racing / Outboard Master Tech

    View attachment 597088 To the Members at RDP:

    I am the newest staff member of the RDP technical department. I will be providing periodic commentary and technical expertise on all things related to Mercury Marine.

    As the owner of Quality Performance Marine in Corona, California, a Mercury Authorized Sales and Service Center, I have maintained the level of Mercury Master Technician for over a decade. I have dealt with and successfully resolved thousands of Mercury related issues...