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  1. Cobra 280 Python at the Los Angeles Boat Show!

    The Red 280 Venom from Cobra Boats is one of the sexiest boats I have ever seen. In a world of cats where at a distance it can sometimes be hard to tell what brand of boat it is, the Cobra stands out on its own.

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    The front details between the sponsons are not only unique but extremely pleasing to the eye. The detail in the hood mimicking oversized louvres fits right in with the theme of the solid windshield and the high body lines through the cockpit area and...
  2. Advantage 29 X Flight at the Los Angeles Boat show!

    Advantage came back to the LA Boat show for the first time in 5 years! For some reason to me it seems like it's been longer than that but I'd take Bob's word for it. They brought this lime green 29 X Flight as a single boat display and it definitely got a lot of attention from Family buyers.

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    The one thing about the X Flight is it's considerably "deeper" than all the other decks out there and that basically stems from the idea that it is based off a Vee...
  3. Eliminator 50th Anniversary Party

    Eliminator Boats had their 50th Anniversary party last weekend and it was one for the books! With over 200 people RSVP'ing to the event we made the decision that the juice was worth the squeeze.

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    Myself and Brad Stern (Stern Insurance) added it up and it was going to be Eight hours of driving for four or five hours at Eliminator. Brad being an Eliminator owner already had his eyes set on checking out the new 25 Speedster.

    (Jake standing in front of the new...
  4. Eliminator 28 Speedster at the Los Angeles Boat Show!

    The Silver "Muscle Car" inspired 28 Speedster. This boat had a definite "Muscle Car" / Old Nascar theme going on with the gel. Everything from the two stripes on the deck that said "Speedster" on it to the single rear stripe in the rear. Eliminator is very familiar with doing "Nascar" and race themed boats..

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    We all remember the Nascar series they did back in the day. This was probably the best looking boat in that "style" that I have seen yet, and I think they...
  5. All New 355 Nordic "Long Deck" True Tunnel at the Los Angeles Boat Show

    The new 355 Long Deck Nordic.

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    The boat was tooled by Nordic's GM Thane and is built from scratch. Honestly the boat was more of an experiment and Thane did things that he thought would work that are typically different than the usual trains of thought. Wide Sponsons and a Narrow tunnel? There was a lot of people speculating how it was going to work after the initial photos were released on RDP.

    Well The boat ran 117 mph right out of the box and they haven't...
  6. 2019 Los Angeles Boat Show Recap

    It's the end of January and we have already had our first boating event of the season in 2019! The Los Angeles Boat Show has traditionally been the kick off for all things boating in each new year. The show itself is also a barometer of sorts for those in the industry to know "what's to come."

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    I'm happy to report that the show has grown again this year filling four halls of the Pomona Fairplex, and one of those halls was dedicated solely to the performance...