Before I get started with this, I'd like to offer a small apology with Tony and Jeff. They sent me this boat for an RDP "Exclusive", and I have been so busy with "life" that I didn't get it up until right now.


That being said, lets take a look at Dave Chapell's new M31! I have to say I recently had the absolute pleasure of going out in a 31 / 860 boat, and if I was building an Inboard DCB, I think this exact package would be the one.


Often times while people are living in a dream world and building an "Exotic" like this the natural assumption would have to be 1350's or better. Being that I'm around guys all the time that actually own these things and have at least some basic concept of the operating and maintenance costs, the 860's are where it's at right now.


With the new 860's and a set of good 36 inch props the boat will actually settle in right at 137-138 mph! That's extremely respectable for a boat that is getting twice the fuel mileage at cruising speeds, and the service intervals are more than double that of the turbo platforms.


Everything just flows on this package. From things like the half capped front, to the matched rubrail, he took the time to make sure he's getting the look that he wanted.


Right down to the customized HD wheels on the trailer! (Good choice on the wheels Chase! The parent company is actually the title sponsor of RDP!)


Every time I get to looking at a DCB with the top of the line interior in it, I can't help but wonder "What can they possibly do next?" I know there's a lot of guys that make nice interiors, but DCB really is at the top of the game in that department.



If you look closely in this pic you can see they even shaved diamonds into the carpet to tie it all together. The stretched diamonds in the seat backs has been extremely popular on the new DCB's, and it's still a testament to their interior skills.



We've come a long ways from the original "Poker Run" interiors with the giant billet T handles aka the "Leg Bruisers". The new integrated handles function well, and add to the theme. Take note of the side panel lit up by the red light how they continue the patterns on the side panels and up into the gunnels.


Taking a closer look at the side panels. This is an area where a lot of manufacturers just kind of "pass over" and is part of what makes a DCB... Well a DCB.


There's no portion of this boat that isn't completely finished off. Even the inside of the leg supports are done up.


This particular boat is equipped with two Simrad NSS9 Evo3 touch screen monitors for the Driver and Passenger. As well as one Garmin 7608 GPS center plotter for Navigation and other information.


As well as two Simrad Go5’s in back of headrests for the passengers to see what speeds they are running.


As you would expect the cabin under the bow is every bit as nice as the cockpit. Just like the cockpit it is equipped with two sets of rigid lights. One set of white rigid lights, and one set of red rigid lights. That way you can turn the red on for theme, or the white on to see what you are doing.

To take this picture correctly they should have turned the white lights off. This is lit up red, and would be a lot darker red without the white lights on, but you get the idea.


Lit up with just the white lights on. (Take note of the stitching on the front bulkhead access panel!)


Closing out our tour of Chases's boat you can see they outfitted the transom with "Shadow Caster" LED lights for night cruising.


I'm not sure when DCB started channeling to their water pickups, but that's definitely a nice touch! Allows them to raise the pick up higher for less drag! (Look at the bottom of the hull before the pickup)


Congrats to Chase on his new M31! While the name of the boat is "Chasing Dreams II" I would have to say it doesn't look much to me like you are chasing them, but rather living them!


2018 DCB M31 Widebody - (Options list / Build Sheet)

Twin Mercury Racing 860/SSM#6’s

100% Alcantara interior with matching under cuddy
Custom matching carpet kit with shaved diamonds in the fabric
Vacuum Infused Resin (VIR) process, balsa-cored, with additional carbon-fiber and Carbon-Kevlar
Two (2) Simrad NSS9 Evo3 touch screen monitors (driver / passenger)
One (1) Garmin 7608 GPS center plotter
Two (2) Garmin VIRB cameras (front and rear-facing) on custom billet bracket mounted to windshield support strut
Two (2) Simrad Go5’s in back of headrests
Interior Rigid LED lighting package (mood lighting, courtesy lighting, LED cupholders)
Exterior Rigid LED lighting package (LED’s under bustle/ swimstep, and front sponson/ tunnel area of boat)
Three (3) 10” Shadow Caster underwater LED’s on transom
Stage II stereo
6-person intercom system with boat-to-boat VHF
SeaDek boarding kit (walkway between engine hatches and steps down into cockpit)
Extreme Custom Trailer, triple-axle with customized 18” rims, SS fenders and triangular drive guard.

Retail price with all upgrades and options – right around $600K
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