Each year there are events on my calendar that are classified as "Must Attend". They are the events that define my year and my business. These include such events as Desert Storm, the Mint 400, and the Parker Enduro among others. One event that has proven worthy of the list is the annual DCB Regatta here in Lake Havasu. While regattas are a mainstay of my yearly workload, they are generally smaller events than most of the previously mentioned events. While the DCB Regatta doesn't compare in shear magnitude to something like Desert Storm what it does do is duplicate the excitement and overall feel of DS while still managing to maintain the camaraderie and family feel of the other manufacturer regattas. DCB brings its owners and fans a best of both worlds scenario that is only heightened by the perfect late season weather and perfectly uncrowded lake.

The 2016 DCB Regatta saw record breaking numbers with more than 60 boats registered for the festivities. In addition to these numbers DCB unveiled several new builds including the beautiful new M29 boasting triple Mercury Racing 400R outboard power, a first for DCB. Another notable new build was the M35 "Cat's Ass" of Carlton Bass featuring a cutting-edge carbon layup and twin Mercury 1350 power. These are just a couple of the boats that debuted at this year's gathering. The docks at the Nautical Inn told the story as they were stocked with millions of dollars of beautiful hardware carrying tens of thousands of lake shattering horsepower.

True to the spirit of the event, no expense was spared to cover this year's regatta. DCB partnered with Wozencraft Insurance to provide not one, but two turbine powered helicopters carrying two photographers and a videographer to ensure that every angle of the regatta would be captured from the air as well as from the ground. Between Todd Taylor of TTI, Dennis of Aerial Peek, and myself the 2016 DCB Regatta was covered from head to toe. A big thank you goes out to veteran poker run pilot Fred Young for orchestrating the DCB air force for the weekend!

While the DCB Regatta is no doubt the largest and flashiest of the year, make no mistake, this is still a gathering of families and friends who share the same passion at the event's core. It's these people coming together that makes these events what they are. The boats of course are amazing, but without the personalities of those who build and own these boats they would just be fiberglass (or carbon) and metal. It's the people with their love and devotion to the sport that breath life into a brand and mold in what it would become. If the people at this year's DCB Regatta are any indication, the DCB brand is alive and well and will be for decades to come.

See you on the water!

Tom Leigh (PinkTaco)