Been a pretty exciting day in the Performance Boating scene! DCB has finally released the much anticipated M33R!! This boat is available in the traditional closed bow, open bow, and finally a walk through open bow! You can see that they plan on putting the interior for the open bow below the deck to preserve the lines of the boat! To my knowledge this is the only 33' Outboard Cat that is available in all three configurations!

This boat has it's own "unique" look compared to the other M's, and stands out considerably from the rest of the fleet. If you look at every other M series they are basically the "Evolution" of boats that came from the F series. When the F26 was tooled it was the first in the DCB line up to include a vent in the gunnel near the back seat. That iconic gunnel vent has always made DCB's easy to spot in a crowd, and evolved from a simple vent in the "F" Series, into what looks like an intake off of a jet on the M41. (31 & 35 are larger, but laid more on their sides instead of vertically)

DCB has finally broken ranks from tradition, and cast off evolution for an entirely new generation of style and functionality!


It is a little difficult to see in the pics above, but they have finally tooled a boat with flat sides! That might not seem like a big deal, but you can now easily walk around the windshield to the rear of the boat, which will make this boat infinitely more user friendly around the docks. (See picture below of the tooling) This is all aside from the fact that it gives the boat a "low profile" look that really adds to the overall look / feel of the boat.


Here are the first renderings that are coming out showing what the boat will look like in the various configurations.


Walk Through Open Bow is Available!


Mid Cabin Open Bow