After Mercury Racing's unprecedented press conference in Nashville a little over two months ago, both manufacturers and customers alike were chomping at the bit to get their hands on the new Merc 450. In some cases the frenzy was so great that people were threatening to cancel their boat owners if they weren't among the first to receive them!


DCB recently acquired one of the new production 450's and it was slated for this M33 build. Upon completion of the boat is when speculation, theories, and talk meets hard cold facts and realities. How is it going to run? How's the setup going to work? What are the end numbers going to be?


Mercury Racing again stepped up with their customer service and flew Johnny Bauer (Mercury Racing Lead Calibration Tech) and Nick Peterson (Mercury Racing Propeller Specialist) to insure the initial setup would be as close to on point as possible.


For some reason manufacturers always want to tout the idea that a boat ran perfect the first time in the water. That's rarely the case, and when I hear it I always think to myself "Well then there's a lot more left in it."


After a long day of adjusting motor heights, and changing props the new DCB M33R pulled the "High Expectation" of 125 mph!

Congrats to the Team at DCB, and to Mercury Racing!

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