Just last week DCB repowered one of their M28’s from 300’s to the new Merc 450’s!

Pictured here with the original 300’s

With an additional 300 hp (150 per side) the boat picked up an incredible 20 mph gain! Taking the boat from 113 mph to a blistering 133!

Pictured with the new 450’s

Upon initial testing at Lake Elsinore their new M33 ran 125 mph with the 450’s and 36 pitch props. The number is respectable, but the main comments we received was the unbelievable mid range acceleration with that combo.


Just a few hours ago they tested a set of 38’s on the boat with Johnny B, Tony C & 110 gallons of fuel and I’m happy to report the boat pulled a 131 mph at 6250 rpm!


In talking to Tony he feels a set of 37’s would be perfect for the boat, and 36’s if you plan on carrying a load.


Congrats to Team DCB!! 131 mph in a 33’ boat is unbelievable!!