The Silver "Muscle Car" inspired 28 Speedster. This boat had a definite "Muscle Car" / Old Nascar theme going on with the gel. Everything from the two stripes on the deck that said "Speedster" on it to the single rear stripe in the rear. Eliminator is very familiar with doing "Nascar" and race themed boats..


We all remember the Nascar series they did back in the day. This was probably the best looking boat in that "style" that I have seen yet, and I think they were going more for "legacy" than Nascar per say.. I will say the boat is unbelievably sick by any measure.. Even in this front shot you can see this thing is all business and the interior actually adds to the boat.

It just kinda throws me for a loop that it's "Muscle Boat" theme and then it's open bow / outboards. The outboards are so damn quiet you can't even tell if they are running or not at idle without looking at the gauges. The Twin Outboards are the new deal though there's no denying it, so I guess this is the new "Muscle boats" of today.



I love this interior.. It makes the point without having to get "loud" and in your face about it. There's designs in the stitching, but black on black makes it so it's just enough you notice it without overstating the case.


Again this thing is all business.. I don't think it even had a radio in it?


I never did get a picture of the entire floor of this boat, but this is a great example of less is "more." The interior in this boat, and the flooring perfectly match the gel and ultimately the theme in this boat. This is one of the best examples I have seen of tying sea deck in with an interior and again into the gel all together. Unbelievably cool.


They did upholstered seat backs instead of the traditional fiberglass ones.. And it's perfect!


I didn't crawl through this one and open the hatches etc.. They had those giant aluminum stairs and I didn't feel like dragging it over to the boat etc.. Besides in a twin rig boat with a glass dash, there isn't going to be a whole lot of rigging that we are going to be looking at anyways.

Ultimately whomever designed and styled this 28 Speedster I give him/herthe double thumbs up. You don't get more on point with making a statement than this boat.
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