Eliminator 28 Speedster at the Los Angeles Boat Show!

Well this boat is subtle and forceful at the same time. I believe the intent is speed when you have so many air dams in an open bow walk through boat. What do I mean by air dams? Well essentially it is areas that grab air and scrub speed versus the slippery aspects of a closed bow cat. I like a walk through open bow as it makes getting on and off so much more easier. The boat was definitely a show stopper and I agree about the comments regarding the interior which was spectacular. The use of seadeck and alcantera patterns was classy and will endure the test of time. A five star boat for any owner. One last footnote...not having a stereo even a minimal one in a pleasure boat is a faux pas and should be remedied even if it is a blue tooth unit with 4 speakers and a small amp.