We are going to start this years reviews off with Eliminator, because of the votes in the thread I posted earlier on RDP. This year Eliminator brought A 27 Speedster, 22 Daytona, 260 Eagle, and Bob Teague brought a 28 Speedster for display in Teague Custom Marine's booth.

This 27 Speedster is no stranger to RDP, it has been hailed to be one of the best received gel designs on the boards period. The boat obviously didn't disappoint in person, and was a main stay at the booth with a crowd around it the entire time I was there. The on lookers actually made it a bit difficult to get some pictures of it for the site, which is a good thing. The boat is powered by a Merc 700 with a number 6 drive and see's well over 100 mph on any given weekend at Parker Strip. Joe the owner of the boat has recently put it up for sale to build yet another Speedster with a new Merc 1350 / 6 drive combination! We are looking forward to watching the build of that boat here on RDP as well.


The next boat was a Blue / White 22 Daytona that was built as a stock boat. This boat itself isn't anything over the top because it doesn't have any power yet, but what the boat symbolizes is far more important. The fact that Eliminator is now building a boat or two for stock sends the message that they have surpassed the hardest part of the "hump" this economy has put all the manufacturers in, and they now are on the way back up as opposed to stagnant or on the way down. That is a huge message to send out to potential customers, and one that I for one am very happy to see! As far as the boat goes, it had Smart Craft gauges in it which are the new latest and greatest from most of the mfg's, but I must admit, looking at the dash it looks a little empty to me.


The 260 Eagle was white / yellow with a wake board style interior layout in it, which I really like, that matched a wake board tower that I really don't. I admit I'm a severely biased writer when it comes to performance boats, and I'm old school to the point where I don't even like to see Cleats on the deck that disturb the lines of the overall package. The important thing to remember here though is we are in the "custom boat" market, and if the customer wants a wake board tower, he's gonna get a wake board tower. While I was cruising around the 260 I couldn't help but notice they had already installed a set of Tabs on the boat, and the tabs were mounted parallel to the water. This would be kind of backwards from a traditional style Tab setup for a dual purpose wake board / performance boat. Usually for slow speed wake boarding etc.. You'd want to mount them parallel to the hull, where as flat tabs are more setup for high speed running to reduce chine walking etc.. I asked Bob Leach about the installation of the tabs, and he he smiled when he said "You're never gonna believe this Dave.. That 260 with the wake board tower is getting some monster power in it!" 509 inch, Blower motor also known as the Teague 825 along with a TCM Platinum Drive


The 28 Speedster in TCM's booth was rigged with TCM 825's and lmore Indy Drives This boat was delivered to Teague Custom Marine and rigged entirely in house with their parts, and their technicians. There hasn't been a lot of press on this boat yet, and I know myself and a few others are really chomping at the bit to get the details out of TCM. I'll be doing a follow up article on this boat with Bob after the Miami boat show.


I called Bob Leach today to just ask him how the show was, and this is a brief recap of the conversation. To sum it up his spirits are high, and things are looking very good for Eliminator going into summer.

RDP : "what was your impression was of the LA BoatShow this year?"
Bob Leach : "It has definitely picked up from last year, and the only way to go is up! The attendance was better then last year, and the we are very pleased with how it turned out"
RDP : "Did you guys sell any boats at the show?"
Bob Leach : "I'm happy to say that we took two deposits on two 27 Speedsters."

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Written by RiverDave