In 1974 Bob Leach of Eliminator Boats revolutionized the performance boating world with the introduction of the 19' Daytona. It was part Hydroplane, part catamran, part Vee Bottom, and all style. The pickle fork hit the water and amazingly enough performed flawlessly the first time out! It was quite a change from the various types of boat on the market that became difficult or even next to impossible to drive as the speeds increased. The Daytona was solid as a rock, and as such became the 1st jet boat to cross the 100 mph mark at the drags.

In 2011 Mike Fiore of OuterLimits Powerboats put the industry on it's ear with the introduction of the SV 29. The SV-29 was labelled "The Game Changer" by Sport Boat magazine, and for good reason. I could get into a long description with lots of shiny adjectives about why the boat is a game changer, but it is easily summed up in one sentence. It's A 29' Vee Bottom that runs 100 miles per hour with a factory Merc 600! That's simply unheard of..

I can't even think of 28' West Coast Cats that run those kind of #'s with that little HP. The performance comes from a Four Step bottom hull, with variable Dead Rise, and a pad. Over four months of testing and R&D went into the bottom of this boat to make it one of the most advanced and efficient bottoms in the Performance Boat Market today. To add to the list of benefits, the boat is light enough that you can tow it, and launch it with a standard 1/2 ton truck! Sport Boat absolutely nailed the tag line "Game Changer." There's quite simply nothing out there that can compete with it from a performance stand point.


30 years ago Mike Fiore met Bob Leach, and a lasting impression was made. This spring Mike paid Eliminator an unexpected visit, and a meeting between two of the most innovative guys in the Performance world was had. From that meeting the ground work of a relationship between Eliminator and Outerlimits Powerboats was laid out in conversation and a hand shake.

(Open Bow Cuddy Rendering # 1)

(Open Bow Cuddy Rendering # 2)

Eliminator Boats will be laying up a West Coast version of the SV-29 for OuterLimits! A set of molds for the SV-29 is scheduled to arrive at the Eliminator facility any day! This is a "win / win" for both companies as OuterLimits is pushing hard for more West Coast presence. With over 44 years of experience, Eliminator Boats is more then capable of delivering a hull with custom in the mold graphics that is suitable to the west coast market place.

(29' Walk through Open Bow)

It is always exciting to see innovative people working together for a common goal, because the end product almost invariably is better than either could do on their own. I truly expect that will be the case with the West Coast versions of the SV-29. OuterLimits is bringing raw engineering power to the table which yields one of the strongest, lightest, and obviously fastest designs ever made. Eliminator brings 44 years of experience, and some of the most talented Gel and Upholstery guys in the business. This relationship really is about adding a "West Coast Flare" for style and refinement to the unparalleled performance of OuterLimit's racing heritage.

(SV 29 Race/Canopy version)

The 29 SV is available now in Pleasure (closed bow) / Race configurations (full canopy), and will soon be available in West Coast versions with a closed bow, open bow cuddy, and walk through open bow configurations!

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