2014 E-Ticket / 710 Ilmor's @ Horizon Motorspots / 90 Hrs - 120 MPH!!

Price Reduced - 195,000.00

E-Tickets are quite simply the fastest twin engine Deck Boats on the market. They are known for their incredible rough water abilities at speed, as well as their turning abilities at moderate speeds. It's the perfect dual sport boat for the family as it comes on plane quickly and at a slow planing speed for pulling kids on tubes (no prop blow out), and the props don't begin surfacing (no rooster tails) until well beyond the speeds the kids would be on a tube. (See 32-40 second mark on video for tubing speeds)

Push the sticks forward a little more and the boat will take a good set at any speed you want to put it at, and is right at home cruising anywhere from 50 - 80 mph without breaking a sweat with the entire family on board. Once the family gets out of the boat, you can easily go lay the smack down on 95% of the boats on the lake!

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GPS Recall @ 100 mph


Behind this door is a huge cabin that stretches underneath the front seat almost all the way to the bow. You can put large inflatables and other items in here.


There is an integrated cooler under the center cushion of the back seat, with typical deck boat storage under the side cushions.


710's equipped with closed cooling & sea strainers