Now compared to our usual shop tours where we actually try to give a tour of the shop, this article is more focused on what's actually going on down there. I'm only allowed to upload 25 pics onto the front page, and I'd like to focus them on the over the top bad ass builds going on instead of "The Bathroom is on the right."

As we walked into one of the bay doors of the building we were greeted by Stan Murakami (SchiadaStan on RDP), and we quickly walked over to a new 24' V-drive build that they are just getting started on. Now this is somewhat exciting as over the years I believe there is less than ten 24 Vdrives in existence! In a testament to the economy I believe Schiada has four new ones in the works right now!

This boat is being built for RDP Member - "Drive Bye"


Inside the bildge you can see the engine bay is gel coated throughout. You can also see the birds eye maple inlay in the transom. It's likely that those inlays will be found on the floors as well as portions of the interior. This boat is going to be an absolute monster and will sport one of Alexi at Boostpower's "Compound" motors (Blown / Turbo motor)


Then I glanced to my right and I see "Schiada Sheilah's" build which is another 24 V-drive that will be sporting a TCM 1200!


For the 24 V-drive fans, I have great news.. I'm working with Stan to get full build documentation on not only these boats but some of the others being built down at Schiada here in the near future. With that said there is also two more 24's inline! The first is set to have an upgraded 575 by TCM (guessing around 800?) and the second to have another TCM 1200!

Over in the next portion of the shop is a 100% Carbon (extremely light and strong) 32 that they are building! This boat belongs to an RDP Lurker (Dave M.) and will have a pair of Blown 540's by Boostpower. For those not familiar with the 32's, these boats are unbelievably fast. Hotboat once did an acceleration test on a 32 with Pfaff 750's and the boat ran 60 - 100 in just over 3 seconds. This boat will accelerate harder and if propped right will run upper 120's low 130's by my estimation. Finding someone with the stones to go run it that hard is more of a problem then the boat doing it.


This particular boat is going to be a true "one off" custom. The owner lives in Texas and is having Schiada build them a 21' Center Console with a Promax 250 XL on the back of it! I know a lot of hearts are going to break when they cut that beautiful deck off, but I'm really excited to see how this boat turns out. I'm really hoping Schiada creates an inner liner for the 21 during this build!


This beautiful 21 RC is being built for Larry and Sherri (apologies if I misspelled Sherri) whom are part of the "Wilson Motorsports" klan down on the Parker Strip. The boat features an African Mahogany transom and inlays throughout, and is going to be rigged to the 10's. Aside from all that it will be powered by a Carson Brummett Turbo EFI Motor (1400'ish HP)



You can see the areas that are finished off, and which areas will be covered with carpet. The white is actually a plastic they lay down to protect the finish while they are rigging the boat. Just outside of the inner stringers is carpet padding to also protect the boat while being built.


The only boat we won't be getting build updates on unfortunatley is RDP member "RiverGames" 21. This boat is being built extremely lightweight and will feature a new Merc 400R outboard. Nobody knows what it is going to run just yet, but 90's is the general consensus. Once the boat is done Andrew will post the full build from start to finish! We are looking forward to featuring the boat on RDP.


This next boat is pretty much finished and they are just doing some final touches too it. The boat belongs to an RDP member and is nothing short of one of the baddest 21's I've ever seen. On race gas this motor is 1850+ HP! It will be in Parker next weekend doing plate adjustments and dial in. I'm hoping to be down there to shoot the boat and stick some cameras on it. FYI 60-110 mph in 3.5 seconds.. and it goes waaay faster than 110. These things hit so hard from a roll that it's sensory overload while it's happening. It's hard to even put into text.


Everything is custom about these builds from the ground up. Note the oil reservoir on the v-drive.

Cstom Rigging on the transom / engine bay. Every part is machined for each boat and individual power.

In this picture alone you can see the handle to fill the ballast tank, the CRT system on the helm, powdercoated and painted gas tanks..


Floors and the foot pedal assemblies.

Even the steering wheel is purchased, and then hand wrapped by Schiada.

You can see how Schiada attaches their rear seat to the floors with the large flat brackets under the seat, then the seat sits on studs with wing nuts for quick removal.

Passenger foot rest is custom made and one off.

Even the inserts in the trailer are all hand machined!


I could ramble on for hours about Schiada and their owners, and how every detail right down to the "stance" on the trailer is considered, but that's for another time in another article. When we shoot this boat next weekend and you see the whole package you will understand.


There's a ton more going on down at Schiada Boats, but this is an example of some of the work they are doing, and what's being built. I look forward to getting and writing about updates on some of these builds, and featuring (hopefully all of the builds) in the near future!

If you are interested in learning more about not only Schiada boats and their capabilities give Lee Spindler a call! Their number is 818-448-9788. If you are interested in learning more about the culture and cult following of the brand check out our Schiada forum by clicking the following link! Their is also an expanded version of this article with more pictures and text.