This is the first new Howard 288!! This particular one is already sold! There is a blue one that will be available for July Delivery!

This deck has a ton of innovative and cool features that haven't been done before. We'll start at the bow, you will notice there is no sliding doors on this one to block the wind. Instead a small section of the floor tilts up on a hydraulic ram to seal off the front of the boat and deflect the wind!

What is arguably the most important part of this boat is the entire deck of it comes out of one mold! The seat bases, the inner liner all the way up the gunnels is not pieced together, but rather one solid piece! This will ensure a rigid, and non rattling deck boat no matter how rough the water gets!

Moving towards the back, the entire walk off, engine compartment, rear seat base is also all ONE PIECE!! The entire thing lifts up on hydraulics, allowing you to fold the bimini down right into the floor! Another upside of this is it allows complete access to both sides of the motor and rigging!

Just some interesting stats, the open bow area of this boat is 6 inches wider, 8 inches longer, and 2 inches deeper then it's predecessor the SportDeck.

For more information and pricing please call Howard Boats and ask for Gene - 661-257-9275