Over the last three and a half years, Stacy and Paul have helped countless RDP members with their Real Estate needs. Whether that be finding their dream vacation home, moving here full time, upgrading their existing homes, or even partnering them with a builder and building from scratch. This was all done under the Team flag "Own Havasu."

I'm extremely proud to say that Stacy Johnson has taken the the lessons and life experience from those years and has decided to take a step forward into a leadership role in her own team.

Introducing "Team RDP!"


Introducing the Team

Stacy Johnson / RiverDiva is obviously 1/2 owner in RiverDavesPlace, and has been instrumental in not only the foundation but the growth of the community as a whole. Originally she was behind the scenes running the apparel operations. She got to know a large portion of the members at the various gatherings over the years, and then while she worked as a Marine Insurance Agent for several years. She has always had a passion for Real Estate and did new home sales in her youth. She decided to re-enter the industry a little over three years ago and has been a top producer in town ever since.

Andy Holthe / Andy01 is a well known member of RiverDavesPlace.com. He originally owned a Boat Brokerage called "Platinum Marine" and was extremely successful with it until the recession hit. During the recession he changed directions to doing High Performance marine insurance. He leveraged his extensive knowledge of boats into writing comprehensive (and legitimate) policies, specializing in 100+ mph. Over the years Andy has had a passion for Real Estate, purchasing several lots right here in Lake Havasu city, building one house, and currently in the planning stages of building a second. He recently completed his courses and received his RE License. Having extensive knowledge of sales, but also Forums (particularly RDP) he is sure to be a large asset to the team moving forward.

Brandi Rhoads has had an extensive career in Real Estate. Her specialty was buying homes in Las Vegas, remodeling them and then reselling them. She has a pretty specific talent for finding homes that have good "bones" and knowing what it takes to turning distressed properties into homes that are competitive in the current market place. This unique talent will come in exceptionally useful for members that are looking for great deals in a sellers market, that don't mind doing a little (or having it done) work to transform a great deal into someones perfect fit.

Dave Johnson / RiverDave - Founded RiverDavesPlace.com. I'm in charge of bringing modern technology to the team, and marketing. By instituting new technologies we can bring maximum exposure to listings with a minimal impact to the flow of the forums themselves. We will be able to offer an advantage on both the buyer and seller side by providing a separate network from the MLS that boasts 90,000 people per month via the website, and another aproximately 20-30,000 via our Social Media outlets. I have already authorized construction of a full fledged listing system that will integrate with the website itself where we can showcase RDP only listings. Those listings will also include "vetted" affiliate Realtors in other areas.